category merge bug

Merging categories should be possible by right clicking on the category within the Category List.

However, the Merge menu item is not visible (see screenshot). If one chooses the Delete option, and then chooses "No" in the next pop-up box, the Merge option is subsequently visible when right-clicking on the category.

If the category list is closed and subsequently reopened, the Merge option is again not present after right clicking on the category. One must again choose the delete option as described above.

This is an annoying bug, to say the least.

Running Quicken Premier, R22.12 on Windows 7.


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    edited September 2019
    I am also running Quicken Premier, R22.12 on Windows 7 and cannot reproduce this. The only times I don't see the Merge menu item is if the selected (sub)category has zero usage. Non-zero-usage categories also show a "Category Report" menu item.
    Try turning on the Usage column in your Category List and see whether you get the same result.

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