R22.12 broke paycheck function - still broke after R29.xx ?

After updating to this release, the paycheck function is broken.
Totals for groups like "taxes" and "pre-tax deductions" are incorrect, deleting a line item in these groups deletes more than one line, and adding an item (like "vision insurance" to "pre-tax deductions") adds it to more than one group.
I already uninstalled and re-installed from scratch, but the problem is not going away.


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    I have Quicken Premier 2019 with a two year subscription.  My version is R18.14 and my build is 

    I set up my pay check in Bill & Income.  I set it up with a first account which receives all but a $100 deposit I place in a second account.  The first account always clears a day earlier than the second account.  When I download activity using One Step Update, the deposit into my first account is correct.  The next day I download using One Step Update and the second account download accurately matches the $100 deposit but when I look at the first account, its deposit is changed to $100 which is incorrect. 

    If I open the split transaction window, the entries are correct.  All I have to do is hit enter and the deposit is correct again.  This happens on every biweekly pay check.  This also exists in Quicken Premier 2017 before I updated using the subscription service. 

    How can I fix?   Thanks.
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    In preferences, change the setting for transfer detection so it prompts you to confirm transfers. Then if it offers to make your $100 deposit into a transfer, say no. 
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    I made your recommended change to preferences but this did not correct my problem.  Thanks for your advice though.  
  • NotACPA
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    Try Validating your Q data file.  Because I'm running R22.12 also, and I just confirmed the subtotals (e.g. "Pre-Tax Deductions") are EXACTLY summing  to the individual line items therein.
    Also, "deleting a line ...  deletes more than one" also points to data corruption.
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    I'll have to see - didn't see too many issues, so just installed R22.12 -
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    I did a validation. No errors detected. The "deleting a line" error also doesn't occur in the general ledger, it only occurs in the paycheck tool. This isn't data corruption, the patch of the paycheck tool appears to have broken it.
  • NotACPA
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    Deleting a line, in the Paycheck, causing 2 lines to delete is just about the definition of "data corruption".
    But, if you'd rather argue than work on the issue ... I'm outta here.
    AND, I'm running the same product as you, not not seeing this issue. Which AGAIN points to data corruption.
    BTW, a "paycheck tool" transaction is, really, nothing more than a fancy interface to a split transaction.
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    > @NotACPA said:
    > But, if you'd rather argue than work on the issue ... I'm outta here.

    Since you're trying to troll me, I bid you farewell with a friendly wave...

    For those who care to help:
    This is an issue that occurred first after the automatic upgrade to R22.12
    Steps I have taken so far:
    - Ran the data validation & repair tool, which didn't report any errors
    - Uninstalled Quicken and performed a clean re-install
    - Read unhelpful comments from @NotACPA

    None of this has in any way changed the situation that Quicken currently is completely useless to me. Should anyone have actually helpful suggestions, I'd be very grateful.
  • MusicMan44
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    I'm guessing that that the problem is a bug related to the following fix in release 22.12.

    Fixed: An issue in which users reaching the Paycheck line item limit were unable to make room for new line items by deleting old line items.
  • Jim32
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    After battling the paycheck split issue for YEARS (which caused the incorrect 401k cash balance) - it's back! Since the upgrade to R22.12, every single paycheck both my husband and I since May 1, 2017 are missing the splits.

    Upgraded to R22.12 and gone.

    The overall cash balance in the checking account is correct, but reviewing the splits in an older paycheck shows no values and the XIn to the 401k missing.

    Please fix! 2.5 years of paychecks that I'm going to have to reenter! I love Quicken but this is the straw... can't believe its gotten to this AGAIN!

    Here are links to the original issues:

  • I have a paycheck setup with multiple line items in the after-tax deduction section. Whenever I delete an item (say the 3rd line out of 8 in the section) it also deletes the last line. It looks like a new bug since I get paid twice a month, but I have one line item that appears just once, hence every month I delete it successfully - till yesterday.
  • MusicMan44
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    Release 22.12 has a "fix" for paycheck line items. I'll bet they broke something trying to fix it. There is another similar bug reported about this on here.
  • wwang3170
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    I am using the latest Quicken Windows (Year 2019, Version R22.12, Build and am encountering an issue using the paycheck form. I have discussed this with their support, and they insisted that this is how Quicken function, and I need to consult with my accountant to use it correctly, which makes no sense to me.

    Here's how to reproduce this issue-
    1. Go to Planning, Tax center, and click on "Add Paycheck"
    2. Select Gross amount
    3. Enter an amount for the salary line, say 1000
    4. In the pre-tax deduction section, add flex spending, medical insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance. Ordering doesn't matter, and amount for each line doesn't matter. I just put 100 for each line. The total for the section should show up correctly. It shows 400 for me.
    5. In the taxes section, delete the last line (SDI).

    Now go back to the pre-tax section, and you will see the total is now wrong. It excludes the amount from the last line. It now shows 300 for me.

    Further, if I add another line in the tax section, say "Oregon Transit Tax" using Other Tax option, and go back to the pre-tax section, now the last line shows the information from the new tax line I added in the tax section here as well, and the amount is still not reflected in the total for the pre-tax section.

    Has anyone encountered this issue? It seems to be broken with the latest release.
    According to the support that I talked to, she said that this is how Quicken should be behaving, and because I am trying to do something that Quicken has no knowledge about, hence this is not their problem, and I have to talk to an accountant who knows how to use Quicken correctly to set up my paycheck ... I tried to ask her how then is Quicken being sold outside of California since it only seems to have knowledge about California tax setup, and she has no answer for that ...

  • skioutwest
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    Same issue here.....very annoying.
  • MathemAddicts
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    I am having the same issue and it has been reported elsewhere. I hope that the Quicken folks fix it because it is terribly annoying.
  • Jeff Bowman
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    Ok the good news is you not losing your mind -- this is most definitely another Quicken "unexpected/undocumented feature" (bug). No I'm not a CPA, but have done payroll and accounting over 30 years -- this is not working correctly.  It's worth noting that Quicken does not calculate any deductions, only records those amounts as you enter them (as listed on your pay stub).

    I followed your steps and got the same (incorrect) results.  It is most definitely broken.

    The solution is to schedule and save check, following the remainder of the prompts for historical/YTD info.  At the end of this process, you'll have memorized transactions for the future checks. BOuncing between the various groups appears to be the crux of the problem, but only adding/deleting categories, and then jumping from one section to another.  So, added/delete, then save the categories to one group at a time and save the check, then edit the check for the next group, etc.   Edit and correct one of these checks to include the correct deductions. based on the actions, Change (add/delete category line) from the Taxes group and save; the the pre-taxes group, save, and finally the after tax group.  when saved, the memorized (future) transactions will be changed, too.
    Good Luck...

  • Kim Pulsipher
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    I am having a similar issue. My paycheck varies by a penny or 2 each pay. I set up and save a base paycheck and adjust it each pay. It won't adjust.
  • EricN
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    I'm having the same issue as well, and it started after the R22.12 upgrade. No issues found during data file validation.
  • NotACPA
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    EricN said:
    I'm having the same issue as well, and it started after the R22.12 upgrade. No issues found during data file validation.
    Curious. Because I'm running R22.12 also, and my wife got paid today.  Her paycheck regularly fluctuates due to overtime payments ... and I NEVER have any problem with adjusting the amounts in the paycheck transaction.
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  • Jim32
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    Bump... any news here? Struggling to understand how Paycheck splits can just be deleted. Is there a solution?
    I loaded paychecks again last time this happened because it was supposed to be fixed. But hesitate to do this again if it is just a bug that's going to keep recurring.

    please move to unanswered. Someone saying they have the same issue is not answered...
  • NotACPA
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    There's no way to "move to unanswered".  Ability just doesn't exist.
    Now, when you look at a recent Paycheck transaction, and open it, is there a value for "Employer Match"?
    What about in those older paychecks?
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  • Jim32
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    This was fixed and working fine before the upgrade to R22.12. However, after that upgrade, every single paycheck between May 1 2017 to Sept 15 2019 now has blank splits and the XIN was deleted from the 401k (thus the 401k balance is off).

    Starting 9/30, the paychecks are now miraculously fixed and the XIN shows correctly in 401k. However, I am now left with a wrong 401k cash balance AND no splits in any paycheck for over 2 years. If I go to a paycheck say March 15 2019, I can hover over the category field and see the splits, but clicking on the entry to see categorization split is totally blank.

    The solution to this recurring problem can NOT be that I just keep loading years worth of paychecks over and over. I have done that now multiple times (with huge risk of data entry errors) and this issue keeps happening. It is a known bug - see the links to the other tickets - that started May 1 2017!

    Please help with the fix and the solution to getting my paychecks from May 1 2017 to Sept 15 2019 back in the system without manual data entry.
  • Jim32
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    Update - Splits from the 9/30 paychecks are now gone. Only way to see it is to do a CNTRL + SHFT + S. The XIN amount is still in the 401k registry though...
  • GeoDosch
    GeoDosch Windows Beta Beta
    I'm having a similar issue with entering paychecks. My paycheck deductions have not changed recently, but when I went to enter my check for 9/30/2019, the Net Pay amount was incorrect, even though all of the pretax deductions and withholding amounts were correct. When I checked the difference, it was the amount of an FSA deduction. I clicked the [Edit] button, got the edit window, then clicked [OK], at which point the FSA deduction disappeared completely. I recreated it, and then the balance matched. When I entered my 10/15 check, the same thing happened. I ran a file validation, but no issues were found.

    Today I got an update to R22.17, though there was no mention in the release notes regarding paycheck issues. My next check is on 10/31, so I'll see if it happens again, or if they get it fixed before then.
  • I'm not computer savvy enough to know if there is something else I should be doing, but after years of using Quicken, this is the first time this problem has occurred.

    In Oct we drop a payroll deduction, causing our net deposit to go up. Quicken will allow me to drop the deduction, but will not auto adjust the deposit, nor will it allow me to manually adjust the deposit amount.

    Open to suggestion.
  • GeoDosch
    GeoDosch Windows Beta Beta
    @Lise, I would try a couple of things. First, take the net pay amount from your check, and subtract the net pay that Quicken shows. See if that matches any individual deduction or withholding in the paycheck screen (don't worry if the amount from the calculation is negative.) If it does match one, try to edit that amount using the [Edit] button. If it's the exact same problem as I encountered, the line will disappear when you try to save it, in which case you'll need to recreate the deduction.

    If the above does not identify which deduction is causing the problem, you could try clicking [Edit] on each one, then see if it disappears when you save it. If it does, recreate the entry (as you edit each one, take note of what the deduction was so you'll know what to recreate!)

    Hopefully that helps.
  • I can confirm this issue in R22.17 (I never updated to R22.12). Adjusting existing entries works fine, but if you delete an entry, it corrupts the whole form.

    The workaround is to adjust existing entries, enter the transaction, and then edit the transaction in the register. Deleting entries from that form (which looks exactly the same) does not appear to corrupt anything.
  • maineehack
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    When adding an after-tax deduction to a Paycheck, it removes the existing After-Tax Deductions causing me to need to re-enter those. I have repeated this multiple times. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Windoes 2019 / R22.17
  • Jim32
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    Hello... With the 22.17 upgrade, I lost the view of paycheck splits and the connection with the 401k. That is still an open issue, but now I've realized that the paychecks are no longer categorized as "Paycheck" in the Bills & Incomes register. They are now "Income Deposit".

    I didn't notice this until entering my wife's Oct 25 paycheck and the typical paycheck break-out view did not open (but rather the small split window that you can get with CNTRL + SHIFT +S).

    This is a standard paycheck. I'm not doing anything unique here - just a paycheck that comes in at the same amount every other Friday. No changes were made recently.

    So, I'll make a new "Paycheck" entry for the paychecks but curious why the change? Why did the paycheck suddenly become a "Income Deposit"? What can I do to stop this going forward? Are others finding similar behavior?
  • Hello maineehack,

    Thank you for bringing this issue to the attention of the Community, although I apologize you have not yet received a response. 

    If you have not already done so, please review the discussion that takes place here, and let us know if this is what you are also experiencing.


    -Quicken Natalie