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R22.12 broke paycheck function - still broke after R29.xx ?



  • Elliott10
    Elliott10 Member ✭✭
    You can see the payroll splits when you hover over the paycheck entry in category, but when you try to edit the categories by hitting splits the categories come out blank.
  • hurtmj
    hurtmj Member
    Bump - paycheck not inputting correctly. Unless quicken has unlocked some magic math and I suddenly make magic money. Why is it counting the 451 line item twice????

    I'll keep pasting the new math errors every week for my paycheck to this thread and every other thread I can find related to this. This is ridiculous. If your paycheck wizard doesn't work - then your entire product doesn't work. Fix it. This problem has been going on for months.

    Look forward to me leaving your franchise and finding a new product if this isn't resolved in rapid time.
  • Husker
    Husker Member ✭✭
    I've had this go on for a long time. I've validated files, etc... I keep getting errors and changes happening in one checking account (under banking). There are multiple transfers from this account to other accounts. For example: Payments for a mortgage, transfers to credit card payoffs, part of a split paycheck deposit entry going to a 401k or other account, etc...

    The issue? When I go to reconcile one of these corresponding accounts (401k, mortgage, etc...), that checking account shows a change in balance! It seems to always/only occur with transactions in the original checking account with a split transaction. A good example (with fake numbers)? In the original checking account was a total withdrawal from checking of $1000 for a mortgage/escrow payment. Of that $300 was transferred to payoff part of the loan, $600 was for interest on that loan, and $100 was for a transfer from that payment to an escrow account.

    After reconciling the account balances in my mortgage and escrow accounts, I look up and the balance in my checking account changed. Instead of a $1000 withdrawal from checking, now it only shows a $300 withdrawal. The transaction for that transfer actually changed. When I open the split transaction, it still shows the original 3 lines ($300 - $600 - $100), but after reconciling the other accounts it has added a fourth line to the split transaction... the "Category" is blank but it now has added a minus $700 entry so the whole transaction has changed and my balance is off.

    It does the same thing for my split transactions on paychecks. It will add a line and alter the total transaction after reconciling corresponding transfer accounts. Or sometimes it seems all I have to do is open the split transactions, and hit "OK" and the erroneous balance is fixed.

    Anyone else? I posted about this somewhere a year or two ago.... and it still happens. I still have to go in manually and remove the erroneous line it has added to split transactions.
  • Husker
    Husker Member ✭✭
    And on a related note with that account... every month after reconciling, the split transaction on at least one of my paychecks messes up. It will correctly show the deposit total, but if I open the split transaction it shows "Zeroes" in every category... the total entry is right, but the split transaction with all the transfers and entries are just blank like all the information was there or is there but it isn't showing it.
  • reister
    reister Member
    I'm confirming I have the same problem with the paycheck. If I delete a tax line, it deletes the last entry in the Pre-Tax and After-Tax Deduction categories. I have to go back in the register to add the lines back after saving the paycheck entry form.

    I also set up a new paycheck from scratch. Same problem.

    Using R22.17
  • JohnK19
    JohnK19 Member
    edited November 2019
    Paycheck is [removed - profanity]! It no longer keeps accounts in order, it changes accounts, it no longer keeps medical insurance in under pre-tax. moves it to Deposit account. From what I see Quicken takes all income subtracts tax then [removed - profanity] on the rest.
  • Quicken_Tyka
    Quicken_Tyka Moderator mod
    edited October 2020
    Hello JohnK19,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to ask your question.

    We will need a bit more information to be able to assist you, please take a moment to review the information provided here and respond back with the requested information.

    The more information you can provide regarding this issue will help the Community to better understand and assist.

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
  • JohnK19
    JohnK19 Member
    PRIOR to the most recent update (Version R22.12 Build The Paycheck was functioning perfectly. When I go to enter the paycheck from the reminder screen, The deposit accounts no longer are part of the Net Salary computation. When I change or edit the deposit account amount ALL deposit accounts are moved from the previously set "default" and are removed. I had to added them in manually. I went and then deleted the paycheck setup(which was consistently resulting in the same error for 3 sequential pay periods). Opened the Paycheck setup.re-entered the information resulting in the identical result. removal of the deposit account functionality in the Net salary computation to the default (primary) deposit account
  • Ann Arbor
    Ann Arbor Member ✭✭
    Paycheck is very buggy. Deleting line items is the biggest problem. For example, deleting line item in post-tax section will change the math in pre-tax section (it will show the entry but will not include it in the total sum). Sometimes deleting multiple entries will change the primary or secondary deposit account. It is difficult to predict where the errors will show up, but very easy to generate them. I also have entries appear in different sections when they were deleted in another section.
  • Wesrawle
    Wesrawle Member
    I have 2019 Home & Businesses and when i try to add a new pay check none of the deductions line show up. I do not know what Category this question falls under.
  • maineehack
    maineehack Member ✭✭
    Hi @Quicken_Natalie - yes, the issues described in this discussion are exactly the issues that I have seeing. However, there is still no fix? What is the time to resolution?
  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones Member, Windows Beta Beta
    edited November 2019
    I too am having a similar paycheck issue.  When I record the transaction everything is fine.  When I come back the next day, the transaction 'looks' fine but all of the transfers have been doubled and when I open the split window everything is blank.  However, when I hover over the split in the register everything looks like it's just fine.  I don't know when it started, but it's been in the last month or two anyhow.  Very annoying.  Validation runs clean as it does for everyone else.

    I should note that at this time of year I typically have to edit every paycheck entry after actually getting paid because of penny fluctuations in things like social security, etc.  (vs when I pre-enter them from the memorized transaction every month in advance which are static amounts of course).  Once I find that this has happened and I cut the transaction, go clean up the double transfers in my 401k and flex spending and then repaste the transaction, everything is fine.  

    So I'd say it's clearly an edit related issue as others have noted, though in my case I'm only adjusting one or two amounts by a few pennies not whole transaction lines. 

    Something in Quicken is getting confused about the split lines and losing track of itself somehow.  
  • I'm also having this problem. I just went to R23.17, and that didn't change anything. I tried online chat, to no avail. The person on the other end of that conversation was apparently not aware of this issue, and had me try to roll back to a backup from when this wasn't happening. That didn't fix it, and now I have to re-do all I lost in the intervening weeks.

    Without the ability to correctly enter and allocate income, Quicken is entirely useless right now. Please make correcting this a top priority!
  • Kushagra Shah
    Kushagra Shah Member ✭✭
    edited November 2019
    I am experiencing the same issue. So i validated the file as recommended by @NotACPA and it made it worse. Some of my transactions lost their splits and the net transaction amount (deposited amount) became entry for the Salary category. When i try to reenter the information for the 5 paycheck transactions which i lost, it keeps wiping out the previous entire paycheck.
    I will have to restore from my backup. Fortunately, I took one right before trying the validation.
    (Removed-Violation of Community Guidelines: Rant/Speculation)
  • JColborn
    JColborn Member
    Just to pile on - here's my problem: Changed paycheck split so that the deposit amount at the bottom of the split screen equals the amount of my check. BUT register amount did not update and now doesn't match the deposit amount. Big problems here. Please fix ASAP.
  • Alan5
    Alan5 Member ✭✭
    Paycheck had been having issues for a long time. I regularly would have my paycheck automatic update my register as a scheduled transaction. The paycheck had many transfers (allocation to 401(k), transfers to savings accounts) and the remaining amount to the checking account. Fairly regularly (if not every time), after I would match the download from the checking account transaction (the actual paycheck entry) and some of the related savings accounts, the paycheck data would be lost. I would re-enter it and then it would be fine.

    More recently every paycheck I enter drops out of my register (leaving orphaned transfers that need to be manually deleted). The new strange behaviour is that I will then have a "downloaded" transaction to enter which is a regular tran (not a paycheck) with all of the same splits. This has happened for 2 pay periods now--I cannot get the paycheck ti remain in the register.

    I had previously posted about this issue where I believe the Mobile Update may have been a factor.

    I regularly run the Validate and Repair to find these items and fix them right away.

  • artg
    artg Member ✭✭✭
    Good morning. A couple of weeks ago (16 November) I posted the following as a Discussion topic:

    Good morning. I use Quicken Premier and I'm on release 23.14. For some reason I cannot get the Tax Planner to save certain settings. Specifically, it's not saving Scheduled Bills and Deposits under "Other Income or Losses." It's also not saving Scheduled Bills and Deposits under Withholding's. Our scheduled deposits have been meticulously built using the Paycheck Wizard. This problem has arisen in the past couple/few weeks and obviously we're approaching the time of year where this tool becomes more important. I'd appreciate anyone in the Community letting me know if I've started doing something wrong that I've been doing correctly for the first ten months of the year. Thank you.

    I have a feeling my problem with the Tax Planner relates to the (recent) input not being provided by the Paycheck Wizard.

    As of this morning (about 1.5 hours ago) I was adding Withholding into the Tax Planner as "User Entered" because the Paycheck Wizard would not/could not/did not (chose one) enter the withholding's from my our paychecks of 29 November.

    Please allow me to repeat myself from a couple of weeks ago...I think the Tax Planner is a valuable tool and more so this time of year.

    Finally, I'm running release 23.17. If anybody finds a solution to this problem with (what I believe is) the Paycheck Wizard please post it to the community.

    Thank you.
  • I honestly think the only solution is to not use Quicken. They are not confirming that this is an issue and it's INCREDIBLY easy to replicate (as in, install Quicken, make a paycheck via the paycheck wizard with more than two items in each section, and then delete only one item).
  • chitownhockey
    chitownhockey Member ✭✭✭✭
    If you can't get the Paycheck Wizard to work, an alternative would be to just create a split transaction for your income and all the deductions.  Then memorize or schedule that transaction.  
  • churchid
    churchid Member ✭✭
    edited December 2019
    Me too. This is absolutely infuriating. [removed - rant]
  • churchid
    churchid Member ✭✭
    edited December 2019
    > @chitownhockey said:
    > If you can't get the Paycheck Wizard to work, an alternative would be to just create a split transaction for your income and all the deductions.  Then memorize or schedule that transaction.  

    [removed - rant]
  • artg
    artg Member ✭✭✭
    The only thing I'm now pleased about is that it's clear that the problem wasn't me. Thank you to my fellow Quicken users who rely on the Paycheck Wizard to acknowledge their respective problems as well. Now, what I'd like to see is one of the Quicken Moderators post something to the effect of: "We acknowledge that there's a problem with the Paycheck Wizard and we're working on it." Again, I depend on the Paycheck Wizard to accurately populate the Tax Center under Planning and this is not the time of the year for that function to fail.
  • Land_Shark
    Land_Shark Member
    edited December 2019
    I am using the Canadian version of Quicken.
    The October patch seems to have introduced a glitch in the scheduled Paycheque entry screen. As a result I have gone back to the September 19.43 patch where everything is working perfectly.
    I always make changes to my scheduled pay due to overtime, which causes tax implications, but all the other entries usually stay the same. Unfortunately when making changes, entering a new line (such as an income line) can cause an expense line to be dropped. Or changing an income line doesn't get reflected in my Net Pay. Removing an expense line (since I've reached my max for EI payments for the year), causes issues when updating income fields.
    To confirm it was the latest patches, I uninstalled then reinstalled Quicken with the latest update. I performed Validations on my files. I even created a brand new file, with a new account, and a single scheduled transaction and continued to get the same error.
    I can recreate this issue and have a screen shot of incorrect dollar amounts showing on the screen.
  • ranman14
    ranman14 Member ✭✭
    I'm having the same problem with deleting items, which started probably about 2 months ago. The workaround I've been using is changing the amounts for the rows that I want to delete to zero and then post the entry. Afterwards, I can go in and then delete the rows. The trouble I've had doing that is after removing about 3 items, it removes my split deposits and posts the entire paycheck to my primary account. So after I accept the deletions, I have to go back in to re-add to deposit to my secondary account.

    Obviously this is not ideal, and like a previous poster stated, it would be nice to see some acknowledgement from the moderators to the problem.
  • I have numerous paycheck deduction types and they can vary from one pay period to another (some types are not deducted regularly, just occasionally - in total there are 5 rows for Earnings, 9 rows for Pre-Tax Deductions, 4 rows for Taxes, and 6 rows for After-Tax Deductions. To make my periodic entries easier, I loaded a paycheck reminder with all of the possible entries, then for each pay period I just remove the entries I don't use for that pay period. The problem I see is when I delete one row for example from Pre-Tax deductions, the system removes rows from the same or other types of deductions (such as After-tax). This problem is repeatable, and frustrating to say the least. I'm using Quicken Release R 23.17 on a currently patched Windows 10 Version 1909 OS Build 18363.535. :/
  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones Member, Windows Beta Beta
    it's odd.  For a month+ I had this trouble with my paycheck, and all of a sudden for the last couple weeks it's not been an issue.  Are others still seeing problems?

  • It's still broken on my end. I set up a new paycheck, listed 4 items in income, 2 items in pre-tax deductions, and 5 items in taxes. While the "double-deletion" didn't happen with my brief trial, deleting one tax line item ended up deleting my "Employer Contribution" on my STRS pre-tax deduction.

    I am curious if the Quicken team is ever going to admit this is an issue.
  • Same problem here with the Paycheck tool. first time for me. Net does not match the splits. I try to re-enter an income split and it removes it as an after tax deduction. But what did find was this: instead of deleting a zero dollar split, I input zero dollars and the net matches
  • I have actually given up on the Paycheck Wizard. The functionality is definitely broken and Quicken is not admitting the issue. This tells me that it will persist for months, if not years.

    I recommend people to just use an income reminder with splits. You have more control and it doesn't suffer from their poor programming flaws.
  • Jonathan DeKock
    Jonathan DeKock Member ✭✭
    edited December 2019
    Happening to me too now. Every paycheck back to late Sept. is broken. Now they've started disappearing. Quite Disappointing. (Removed)
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