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R22.12 broke paycheck function - still broke after R29.xx ?



  • Chris Anania
    Chris Anania Mac Beta Beta
    See images
  • craigin805
    craigin805 Member ✭✭
    I started seeing this problem in the last month. I have to change a deduction but when i hit edit i see blanks. This happened for the first time a month ago. Also see issues where dollar values do not tie out. Only thing new I did recently was start using Quicken Mobile
  • I have the same issue with the Canadian version on a subscription. I called support and obviously nothing has been done to fix this issue.

    But I have a work around for those with a bit more technical computer skills.
    I have a virtual machine on my PC with with Windows 10 (using VirtualBox).
    I installed Quicken, but only updated to Quicken to Release R19.43 Mondo (http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/quickenpatchescanadian.html). So I use that verion of Quicken only to enter my paycheque, and use the fully up to date version for everything else. This is due to banking downloads not working on the older version.
    Would be nice if Quicken fixed their software so I didn't have to do this, but it works for now.
  • This (https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7811588/quicken-is-corrupting-my-paychecks) is still happening. When will it be fixed?
    Quicken is becoming more and more a frustration, rather than a help.
  • john4438
    john4438 Member
    I am having all the same problems described in this feed - probably for the past 3-4 months. Not expecting anything from Quicken, but wanted to log this feed for easy access.
  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones Member, Windows Beta Beta
    Just a quick update that Quicken folks have reached out to me on this issue.  I've supplied them with sample files from when the issue was occurring and now.  So hopefully they will find whatever the issue is and get it corrected!
  • Keith Stoutenburg
    Keith Stoutenburg Member ✭✭
    edited February 2020
    I m having this same issue and in fact was shut down when I submitted this previously, was even warned for expressing my frustration. Is this issue going to be addressed? I read through all of these posts and NONE of them state a realistic solution that works or addresses that it is actually a problem Oh and workarounds are not a solution.
  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones Member, Windows Beta Beta
    edited February 2020
    Well, as of this morning I can confirm that it's still happening.  All of my checks since the start of the year are blank.  They still show up of course, but all the details are gone.  As others have suggested, I've turned off synch to the web to see if that makes any difference.
  • NateE
    NateE Member ✭✭
    I have disabled my online sync of my checking account until this is fixed. Very annoying.
  • I have a Quicken subscription for Windows Ver. R24.14 Build and started having similar problems with my paychecks around September or October 2019. Up until that time the paycheck function had been working. After a few months I noticed that the categories I had set up for my deductions were not increasing. Instead of the word "paycheck" showing up in the Category and Tag field the work Salary appeared. Up until this month I had been copying previous entries and entering them as new entries and editing the date. Previous to 2019 I had not been using the paycheck function and had been entering these transactions manually. I've been trying to correct the problem and discovered that Quicken had saved the payees from my manual entries. I pulled up my "Memorized Payee List" and checked "Never Auto Categorize" next to each payee that matched my paycheck names. I have five paychecks per month, three for retirement accounts and Social Security for both me and my wife. So far this month the first three paychecks have worked properly. As this is the first time it's happened since September or October I feel I may have discovered the problem. Time will tell if this is true or not.
  • judyper
    judyper Member
    I am also experiencing this issue for the past few months. Very frustrating when I need to edit an amount in a previous paycheck and have to reenter the entire transaction again. Quicken - when is this going to be fixed?
  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones Member, Windows Beta Beta
    So I think the first question to establish is 'Is everyone that's having an issue using Quicken Cloud/mobile?'.  Some people say that has fixed it for them by turning that feature off for the bank account in question. 

    I JUST turned mine off yesterday after discovering it was still happening despite not having removed or added any lines to my memorized transactions since the start of the calendar year.  That means adding and removing are most likely NOT a single reason. 

    I have been making small amount adjustments for some withholdings, by a penny here and there.  That in the past hadn't caused anything, but my problems also seemed to have started last October'ish.

    As I noted earlier, Quicken folks have been in touch with me, and maybe some others, to collect data.  So I know they are looking into it.  How long it will take for that to happen I can't say, since I have no personal experience of measuring 'from bug to fix' with them.  But hopefully, it will be soon.
  • JoRhett
    JoRhett Member ✭✭
    The problem first reported in mid-2018 continues to plague us. https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7736086/paycheck-split-values-are-gone

    I recently had a need to use the app, and found that the cloud data was horribly wrong. I wish I had $65 thousand in my bank account, but it's just not true. It showed recurring paycheck deposits from former employers, didn't show transactions that were from my bank, etc etc. It was garbage. I followed the instructions provided by Quicken to reset my cloud file and resync. It seemed to work, but...

    I found that my previous paychecks were now incorrect. That's not just entered data, this is fully reconciled transactions. Quicken now shows the revised ($0) transactions as reconciled, and all my reconciled amounts each month have been offset. In short, Quicken revised history. It's not trustable any more.

    So now after 4 hours of going through my statements and finding the missing transactions, I was able to confirm that every one of them that was tweaked/wrong was a paycheck entry.

    So... I follow the instructions in this thread, and manually recreate all the paychecks by copying from a future paycheck and then going back to re-enter all the details. Because hey, it's a 3-day weekend I have nothing better to do than re-entering a few years worth of data, right?

    Is this the only problem? No, no it's not. Some of these older paychecks don't have deductions I have now (FSA, etc). But if I start removing pre-tax deductions, then the math for my taxes suddenly changes. The numbers on the screen don't add up to the total any more. Not the amounts for each tax, but the total. See the attachments here as I remove each pre-tax deposit, the calculation of the taxes changes even though the tax line items don't.

    This is insane. I literally can't trust Quicken to do simple math. And since Quicken only offers technical support for stay-at-home parents or people who can afford to take a day off work and remain home, this is my one and only forum for support.
  • JoRhett
    JoRhett Member ✭✭
    Here's pictures with all pre-tax deductions, then how the total changes as I remove each pre-tax deduction...
  • JoRhett
    JoRhett Member ✭✭
    Oh, and the original problem. Here's what my paychecks looked like when opened, even though there's an amount in the register....
  • JoRhett
    JoRhett Member ✭✭
    Merging my accurate headline into this subject is misleading. It feels like you're trying to hide the reports.

    This is a current problem in R24.14 still.
  • Michael R
    Michael R Member ✭✭
    I am having trouble with the my paycheck which is setup as a recurring entry. after i enter it and go back to look at the details they are all deleted and don't show. if i delete the entire transaction and renter the detail from the paycheck auto entry they stick. how do i fix this? I was told there was an issue with renaming rules. so i delete all of them and deleted the paycheck recurring tool and re-established it from scratch. it worked ok for on paycheck or two and now it is corrupted again.
  • mikevirgil
    mikevirgil Member ✭✭
    I've had this issue for several months... decided to delete the old paycheck series that may have been corrupt and start with a new one... but still having the same issues... Chat support had me submit a ticket to the developers and pointed me to this post - I plan to follow it and thought you may want to too:
  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones Member, Windows Beta Beta
    As was suggested to me earlier in the thread by NateE, turn off Quicken Web synch.  I know it's a pain to pay for an application that has features you can't use for web and mobile, but at the moment that seems to have been the only fix that has worked until Quicken figures out what's going on.  I turned it off a couple of weeks ago and so far, knock on wood, no new problems.
  • urherken
    urherken Member ✭✭
    I'm on R24.14 now, tried every and all suggestions here and can only confirm that the paycheck entry function is still as broken as it was at the beginning of this thread. Stopping Web Synch addresses a different error, where pre-existing splits in the register disappear. It does not address the issue that the paycheck entry messes up your totals once you try to delete a line.

    Deleting a line in the paycheck entry window will cause the last item in the list to not be added to the total. How hard can this be to acknowledge (or even to fix)? Someone needs to take a look at the pointer arithmetic. Deleting a line probably decrements the array size for the entries twice. Which likely happened when someone tried to quickly fix the previous bug.

    This has been reported many times. It's a real bug, not an annoyance!
    Please Fix This, Now!
  • evildog
    evildog Member ✭✭
    To add my experience:

    When I open an existing pay check reminder to enter it everything initially looks fine. And if all I need to do is change the line item values everything seems to work fine. However, as others have experienced, when I need to delete a line item things go wrong. And for those that would say to try creating a new pay check reminder, I have and all the same issue are present.

    If I delete a line in the Pre-Tax section the totals in the After-Tax section isn't correct. It seems to only sum the first 2 of three lines. Trying to delete and re-add the third line does nothing. Deleting all of the lines in the After-Tax section does allow the total line work again, but when adding the lines back in the After-Tax section it starts replacing lines in the Taxes section.

    @Quicken_Natalie is there an ETA for a fix for this? Is someone even working on it? Is there a different forum to raise urgent issues to the support team? How can we get this issue's priority raised so it gets worked on? Do we all need to call tech support 10 times a day and complain?

    It's been a while since I've investigated alternatives to quicken, but it seems like Quicken is not interested in keeping customers with working software. So I will be seriously looking for alternatives and lowering the bar of what is acceptable since at this point I'm just looking for something that actually works.
  • shermge
    shermge Member ✭✭
    edited March 2020
    I’ve been having BIG problems with the paycheck feature for months now. It drives me crazy! Today all I did was do an update to download the latest transactions from my bank. When it did the auto reconcile all of a sudden one of my paychecks I entered last month went to zero amount. Another paycheck I entered this month was entered twice! Both of these transactions had already been reconciled weeks ago and had NOTHING to do with today’s update. (Removed) I’ve been using Quicken for over 20 years. It really makes me mad when a serious bug like this is ignored. It should be fixed immediately.
  • Aaron Allen
    Aaron Allen Member
    I have set up Paycheck transactions to move the money between multiple accounts. Entering the paycheck through wizard and reminder worked great until i do a mobile sync. After a mobile sync I will get double entries in some accounts and then when you look at the paycheck and hover over tab the categories show up, but if you click edit or view splits everything is gone. I have to remove the duplicate transactions and then reenter paycheck. This has been going on for over 2 years. I am running the most current version of quicken. It is very, very frustrating.
  • Mark Fertig
    Mark Fertig Member ✭✭
    in R25.21, this is still an issue. I've run Validation and Super Validation with effect.

    Cannot display or view splits in a paycheck transaction.
    Quicken user since 1994.
  • 23-yrQuickUser
    23-yrQuickUser Member ✭✭
    I struggled with this for months after starting to use the mobile sync. A couple of months ago, after reading this discussion, I disabled mobile sync, and everything started working well again. I just added a new account in Quicken which had mobile sync enabled by default. It made all of my 2020 paychecks look again like Mark Fertig's. So for the umpteenth time, I am deleting and re-entering paychecks. :-(
  • Mark Fertig
    Mark Fertig Member ✭✭
    23-yrQuickUser, a couple follow-up questions, if you don't mind!
    It sounds like you had success by disabling mobile (cloud?) sync? Did you need to disable it entirely, or just for the account your paycheck is tracked in? And was the fix only for newly added paychecks (so, disabling sync does not fix the split detail issue on existing paychecks)?

    Quicken user since 1994.
  • NateE
    NateE Member ✭✭
    I stopped syncing my checking account but still sync my investments. Seems to be OK.
  • 23-yrQuickUser
    23-yrQuickUser Member ✭✭
    Mark, I had re-entered my paychecks several times, and they always re-corrupted until I disabled mobile sync. I disabled it all. That does not fix any existing corruptions, unfortunately, but then after deleting all the corrupted paychecks, and the associated doubled entries, and re-entering all the paychecks, it had not messed up again until I created the new account.

    I have thought about trying what NateE did, but I have wasted so much time at this point I don't consider it worth the risk.
  • Steve Davis
    Steve Davis Member ✭✭
    I am having the same problem. Still today with the latest version of R25.21. Ugh please work on this quicken.
  • Mark Fertig
    Mark Fertig Member ✭✭
    Thanks to the suggestion from 23-yrQuickUser, I was finally able to enter a paycheck and then go back and view the split.

    I had to turn off syncing for my checking account (where the paycheck deposit is recorded). This does not fix previously entered paychecks which I am still unable to display the detail for.

    I discovered the issue when I realized my paycheck split was still using last year's FSA account (which changed 1/1/20) and I needed to go back and edit the paycheck splits from Jan through March. It appears I'll have to re-enter all these transactions at some point to make the record accurate.

    Very frustrating.
    Quicken user since 1994.
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