R22.12 broke paycheck function - still broke after R29.xx ?



  • jpaff7
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    CTP-536 -- how does on get 33.19, to fix this problem? Update says 32.19, "You already have the latest version 32.19" and yet the "Paycheck disappears now and forever Amen" problem is still vexing me. Even with the unanswered "Report to Quicken".
  • LRUK
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    Are there any efforts underway to help customers repair all the lost categorization of paychecks? Is it possible?
  • Scott McCauley
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    Still some of the problem remains after R33.19.

    My paycheck entries in my registry seem stable. So perhaps that part is fixed. However, even after upgrading to R33.19 scheduled paychecks in Bills Management still have the total amount zeroed out. I even deleted and re-added my paycheck using the paycheck wizard. Yet, after syncing to the cloud, the total amount on the scheduled paycheck was set to zero. The split details still appear to be okay, and I know from previous experience that I can correct the total when I enter my paycheck into the registry, but I'm concerned that would just be setting that registry up for eventual corruption.
  • Skyhungry
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    As of today I have the same issue (Windows Version R33.22). I Reset my cloud data multiple times with no solution. When I edit my paycheck (edit this paycheck and all future instances) the amount re-appears correctly. I then save it and back up the files. I reset the cloud data but as soon as I sync quicken it zeroes out again. I have tried all different iterations to solve this issue and it continues to re-occur. :s
  • Skyhungry
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    > @CommonSenseEngineer said:
    > Some additional feedback on the R33.22 (windows), just received today. Paycheck split transactions continue to work properly as Scott mentioned, in addition, the issue regarding paychecks resetting to 0.00 after cloud sync appears to be resolved as well. I even exited Quicken, performed another cloud sync, and neither of the 3 paychecks reset to 0.00, yet. So as of this moment, the entire Quicken performs 100% as it should. And that's been a while.

    Thanks for the update. Unfortunately I still have the issue. I already have the R33.22 release and I'm currently using Quicken Premier for Windows Subscription, Build This has been occurring for about a month. I was hoping that the latest release would solve the issue.
  • princandrew
    princandrew Windows Beta Beta
    Whenever I am working with the Pay-Check wizard. The program crashes. I sent an error report from a pop up that came up. Not sure if that's helped because it's been happening for a few weeks now. Whenever I log into my data file after inputting Pay-Check Data - the data disappears and in my income reminders the correct amount (value) gets replaced with a highlighted "0" in blue. Strangely enough when I click on the reminder (with incorrect '0' value) to add it into the register the correct numbers suddenly appear in the paycheck BUT whenever I (enter) save the paycheck/transaction into the register & file, the next time I access my data they are all gone again! and it seems to be cycling through the same process. Values also disappear from the planning calendar and future income on calendar and its proving impossible to make use of the features I require most. Can anyone help with this. Thank you.

    Windows Subscription. Home Business & Rental. Updated on 5/21 to most recent Quicken Update
  • nc00ks0n
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    I just noticed that all split transactions entered in a checking account have been reduced to only the entry that affects the balance in the account. e.g. a paycheck entered with a gross amount of 1000.00 and has 100 assigned to taxes and 900 deposited to the account is found as and entry of only 900 and the split detail is missing. This issue goes back as far as 4/14/2017.
  • imdcareys
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    edited May 21
    Disregard the below. Did another 1 Step, and back to Zero. :(

    Thanks for the above insights. I finally got my zero paycheck fixed. 
    1) One Step Update.
    2) Fix Zero Paycheck.
    3) Mobile & Web > Preferences > Reset Cloud Data, (No synch - remember Step 2)
    4) Make backup & exit quicken (OK, they do need to rename the program. It's SLLLOWWWWWW!)
    5) Install Mondo Patch
    6) Launch Q
    7) One Step Update.

    That's it. Works on My Machine.

    - Carey

    QW Home, Business & Rental Property - R33.22 ( Current as of 05/21. These change too fast to keep updating the version I'm on with every update that happens) 
  • dlipetz
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    This is exasperating. One would think that a major flaw in the sync process which corrupts transactions would be a top priority for Quicken engineering. Instead, there are just crickets... If they are working diligently on this problem, they should provide regular and frequent updates and create a new sticky forum post dedicated to this very significant problem.
  • FGRT1p508WanCzPQ
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    R32.12 is the latest I have, check for updates, says it's the latest.

    I had disabled cloud sync, as I have no confidence in it, and no need of it. Somehow, on some previous update, Quicken decided to re-enable it, now I have many paychecks with 0's in them again that I must fix.

    I'll not add to the ranting, other than to say, if I'm going to pay for an accounting program on a yearly subscription, I care that it has accurate accounting first, then some nice features...what I can't abide is it destroying data, and wasting my time wondering if my numbers are accurate. While the economics of that logic should be clear to Quicken, it doesn't seem to be responding in kind.
  • imdcareys
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    edited May 24
    I made the support call on the issue of past paycheck being deleted and Paycheck income reminder going to zero after synching. The support rep helped me get this issue fixed - even though I resisted because I have been through that before.

    There is a thread here somewhere about applying the latest mondo patch and then resetting your mobile data. During the support call, the gentleman had me backup and super-validate my file. Then, instead of resetting the web and mobile data, he had me completely delete the mobile data file. That was the difference that helped to eventually fix the sync problem.

    Basically, we created a new 'test.qdf' file and opened it. We set up the test file for mobile sync and reviewed the existing files on my account. I can't remember where we did that, but we were able to select the web data file for my actual live Quicken data file and DELETE (not reset) it from the web. Someone here may know how that process works. UPDATE: Quicken Anja outlines this process on April 5th here --> Cloud sync error: The referenced resource(parameter=id, [...]) has been deleted. — Quicken

    We then went back to my real data file and set up mobile and web from scratch. It involved selecting all of the Quicken accounts to synch, and all the financial institutions to synch. During that process, I had to re-enter several passwords for the various financial institutions.  With all that done, we ran the sync process and the paycheck reminder is not getting reset to zero. at the moment.  I still don't know if that also resolves getting my last paycheck deleted out of the check register. Time will tell.

    It took over an hour, but you can spend that much time trying to find a real solution in Community. So I recommened making the call to support.

    - Carey

    QW Home, Business & Rental Property - R33.22 ( Current as of 05/21. These change too fast to keep updating the version I'm on with every update that happens) 
  • Scott McCauley
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    Still broken in R33.24!

    After upgrading, I deleted my Paycheck reminder and created again from scratch (painful process, but I've done many times over the past several months). And still, even on this supposed "fix", my paycheck reminder total shows at zero after syncing to cloud.

  • TamiK
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    The following problem shows up from time to time: My paycheck shows the correct splits when I hover my mouse over it. However, when I open it up, the lines show nothing. Why? :s
  • SteveY
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    > @FGRT1p508WanCzPQ said:
    > if I'm going to pay for an accounting program on a yearly subscription, I care that it has accurate accounting first

  • sigpi007
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    I rarely post on here, but the fury this situation has caused me... ARRGHH!!! How can they mess this up? Seriously... I hate entering Paychecks, becuase each one is like 10 transactions with different tax and benefits values. And now the last TWO YEARS of them are completely messed up. (I use more colorful language offline.)

    I hate this subscription. It's like we're paying Quicken for the benefit of them to screw up a perfectly good program.
  • sigpi007
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    Follow-up... I know this was alluded to in an earlier post... but if you use "CTRL+SHIFT+ S " you can still edit the splits and correct the transfers to the "unspecified account." I am posting this because in the earlier post the author said to use CTRL+SHIFT+C which only brings up the master category list.

    The interesting thing is that this proves the data is still there. Oddly enough, even after correcting the category transfer for the "unspecified account"... it still does not let me edit the split from the green check box (which still shows everything in zeros).

    I also noticed that my paycheck transactions that were uploaded to the Quicken cloud were not recognized as splits, but just as "salary." I know that part of the issue with the paychecks getting corrupted was not having my 401K account synced to the cloud (I'm guessing), but I wonder if someone at Quicken goofed and saved all paychecks just as "Salary" and then it corrupted the PC files during a sync exercise?? Otherwise why aren't our other splits messed up? (Or are they???)
  • Quicken Sarah
    Quicken Sarah Administrator, Moderator mod
    Hello All,

    We have received an update from our teams confirming that the previous fix released was targeted at resolving issues with the Paycheck splits becoming completely wiped out after performing a cloud sync.

    However, our teams are continuing to work on an issue affecting the Paycheck Reminder totals showing as zero after syncing with the cloud.

    This issue is tentatively anticipated to be released as part of the future R35 release, however, please be aware this is an estimate and may be subject to delay if additional issues/concerns are found during the testing phase.

    We appreciate your continued patience while our teams work to resolve this behavior.

    Thank you,


  • sigpi007
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    @"Quicken Sarah" You update is much appreciated. We are all loyal Quicken users, and I'm sure most of us can stomach some sort of issue now and then. Your communication of progress and attention to this issue truly is reassuring. Please keep us posted.
  • dlipetz
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    But what about seemingly related issue with cloud sync corrupting categories and tags in memorized and reminder transactions with splits?
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