Linked Bill reminders are displaying as income

I am using Quicken Premier 2019 edition. Today my scheduled bill and income reminders are several bills that are scheduled and linked, but they are displaying as deposit reminders??? Has anyone else discovered the same problem? If so, what is the solution?

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  • MusicMan44
    MusicMan44 Member ✭✭
    I saw this problem for the first time yesterday. I had a biller that I had already paid show up as Paid which is correct because I paid it into the future to October 1st. The next time I loaded Quicken I had the same biller's reminder show up as a deposit. I tried to "ignore" it but nothing happened when I clicked on that. So I "Entered" the transaction then deleted it from my check register. Everything is looking OK but I'm wondering if it will last. I only have two billers and if they keep screwing up I'm going to remove the billers and keep the reminders.
  • mdeehl
    mdeehl Member ✭✭
    After 4 hours of Quickens technical Support resulted in fixing 4 scheduled linked bills displaying as a deposit with a red negative dollar amount! It was a very long and tedious process which required restoring previous back ups from around 5 and 7 days in the past. Then my Quickens Mobile App synching process blew up.
    But, my Quickens Premier 2019 Edition is working perfect! I was never given a reason why all of a sudden some of my scheduled recurring bills changed into Income deposits???
    Many thanks to Quickens Technical Support Personal!
  • Since last update my linked online bills have changed to an income type and was and expense or payment type. Does any one know how to change a transaction type from income to payment
  • MusicMan44
    MusicMan44 Member ✭✭
    I am seeing this behavior on R21.17. I had a paid expense transaction show up as an income transaction. The expense reminder was associated with a biller. I only have two billers and saw this on one of them. To get rid of the income reminder I finally had to post it to my checking account then delete the transaction. This seems to have fixed it, for now.
  • Kabboroo
    Kabboroo Member ✭✭
    Upcoming bills are showing as deposits in my register. They only seem to be linked accounts, and if I "enter transaction" it enters correctly.
  • mdeehl
    mdeehl Member ✭✭
    I feel your pain! Yesterday I was talking with Quicken support for 7 hours. They did everything 3 times over and over. I asked the technical support man to ask for help. He documented everything (over 100 lings of notes) and the support team refused to sent this error up the ladder. When he advised me to call back tomorrow after I contact my Norton Security Suite and ensure my firewall was not causing any problems. I knew he was blowing smoke up my $%#! I asked to speak with the night shift supervisor. The manager promised me he would have a solution for me after he investigates my error. He also gave me 3 months extra for my Quickens expiration. Big deal! Lets see if I get the call back? I am not holding my breath!
  • Jeff Stearns
    Jeff Stearns Member ✭✭
    I reported this bug on Sept 6. Here's a link:

    Recommendation from Quicken: Revert to an old backup of your data file. Consider reverting to Quicken version 5.12.2.

    Recommendation from me: Delete the scheduled transaction and all its future instances. Then re-enter it from scratch. Repeat for every broken reminder.

    Bonus recommendation from me: Don't use linked transactions. They're broken in various ways. Not worth the headaches.
  • MilwaukeeLynn
    MilwaukeeLynn Member ✭✭
    So there is no fix? Quicken does an update and all of a sudden I have to fix every bill reminder? This just started happening within the last day. If I update my transactions, all my bill reminders become income. That would be great if it was true, but it is not. I rely on quicken to keep my accounts straight and to budget.
  • Kabboroo
    Kabboroo Member ✭✭
    FYI, Quicken support told me that they are having issues with the latest release and this, and other issues, will be fixed soon.
  • mdeehl
    mdeehl Member ✭✭
    edited October 2019
    Today at 12:00pm noon at Eastern Standard Time I was expecting to receive my call back from Quickens Technical Support late shift Manager. However THEY FAILED TO CALL ME BACK!!! 😡
    I have been using Quicken for over 20 years. I will NOT renew my Quicken Premier. I will stop using Quicken and use my current bank for on line bill pay and track my stuff with [removed].
    It’s been fun, bye!
  • mdeehl
    mdeehl Member ✭✭
    WOW!!!🤔 I just received a call back from Quicken’s Technical Support Manager Mr. Mora and It was appropriately 2 hours late. However, he said that any scheduled online and linked bills in Quicken before the upgrade was effected by the most recent upgrade. They are working to create a patch. To fix this problem. Additionally, Mr. Mora also told he will call me back to confirm the patch is completed. I am patiently optimistic waiting for his return call back and to get this issue put to bed!🤔
  • nevets68
    nevets68 Member
    I'm not sure when it happened, but 2 of my monthly bills were switched to monthly deposits on one of the more recent Quicken updates or syncs. I don't know which caused it, but it was within the last 3 weeks. (They are monthly bills that are paid monthly and the last two were paid 3 weeks ago and they were bills then.)
  • David Roehl
    David Roehl Member ✭✭
    I think this is somehow linked to Quicken BillPay efforts. All of my online bill problems seem to be linked to a system desire to pay through Quicken Billpay, when I don't have these credit cards attached to online billpay. Sure hope the problem gets fixed so I don't have to find a different solution...I have only been using Quicken for 20+ years and the last 2 weeks have been horrible!!
  • AdolphG
    AdolphG Member ✭✭
    I am having same issue when I update online bills they all convert to monthly deposits
  • Ps56k2
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    A little more info..... what version -
    I am running Win10 - R22.12 -
    So.. are these setup as monthly Reminders -
    - and are you using Online Bill Payment -
    - or - manual payments ?
    Is the account - a checking acct, or CC account -
    I just looked at my Quicken - for online bill payment & manual bill entry -
    and all my checking and CC accts are good
    with the "Payment" or "Deposit" columns only having real actual transactions,
    both past and current -

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
  • nevets68
    nevets68 Member
    ps56k, I am using the same version as you. They are monthly reminders (internet bill and electric bill), have been for over 10 years. If you go to your "Bills" page, you should see all of your recurring bills in your selected time range (7 days or 14 days or 30 days). When I checked my upcoming bills I noticed that both my internet bill and electric bill were not in the "Bills" section. They are now in the "Income and Transfers" section.
    I'm not sure that it matters whether they are cc or check or cash or bitcoin. I'm not sure it matters whether they are manual or online (although I do both).
    Something happened to my recurring bills as a result of one the last 2 or 3 updates. I see that at least one other person has experienced the same thing.
  • mdeehl
    mdeehl Member ✭✭
    Quickens is somehow changing online scheduled bills into deposits. This is occurring after the last Quickens auto upgrade. This has been presented to Quickens Technical Support who has advised me they are working on a solution. So if you are receiving an error message: Invalid answer value 13 for parameter recurring by month. Valuse must be between 1 and 12
    contact Quickens and alert them so that they will faster on a fix!
  • I have found that if the online bills are linked to a reminder that it becomes a deposit at sometime even though it was created as payment and it looks it's from the reminder side. This only happens to reminders that are linked to online bills. Manual reminders seems to be ok. If you unlink the reminder the online bill becomes a payment but the reminder stays as a deposit. You can delete the reminder and recreate the reminder and it corrects the problem temporarily . Wish this would get corrected can't trust the numbers.
  • gogottliebs
    gogottliebs Member
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    After I do one step update my credit card balances in my checking account projected balance show as debits not credits. But in the Bills, Income, and Transfers tab they show correctly. I then refresh each one individually in the Bills, Income, and Transfers tab and then they show correctly in the checking account projected balances tab?????
  • stevedm1
    stevedm1 Member ✭✭
    This is also happening with the latest Windows update. My balance is all screwed up because some of my repeating bills are showing as deposits instead of deductions from my account.
  • stevedm1
    stevedm1 Member ✭✭
    Since the latest Windows update, my calendar of repeating bills is all screwed up. Some of my repeating bills are showing as deposits instead of deductions from my account. so my project balance is wrong. Some of the repeating bills skipped ahead a month or two. This is ridiculous.
  • System
    System Member admin
    This discussion was created from comments split from: Quicken for Mac 5.12.3 is converting bill payments into cash advances..
  • I have the same issue. My established bills are now showing as income deposits.
    "says enter income deposit"
  • Quicken Sarah
    Quicken Sarah Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to share the details of this issue with the Community, although I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience experienced.

    I, unfortunately, was not able to replicate this behavior in my copy of Quicken R22.12, but I would like to report this behavior to the Product Teams to investigate further.

    If you are currently affected by linked scheduled bill reminders changing to Deposit/Income reminders after installing the R22.12 release and are willing to assist with the investigation of this issue by submitting a sanitized copy of your data file and log files, please go to the Help menu in Quicken and select "Report a Problem".

    In the subject line please enter "Attn: Sarah", mark the box for every file listed, including the sanitized data file copy. 

    Please include specific examples of which linked reminders changed to a deposit/income reminder in the description area and when ready click Send to Quicken.

    Once sent, please reply here to let me know so I can retrieve the reports from the system.

    Thank you,

  • GTJill
    GTJill Member
    I attempted to send you an error report as described above. After Quicken said "Please wait while we send the report to Quicken. This can take some time.", It said "Unable to send report to Quicken, please try again." So I did. That also failed.
  • mdeehl
    mdeehl Member ✭✭
    Quickens Technical Support completely documented this. The reference number is 7064680.
  • Redwing
    Redwing Member ✭✭
    It appears to be the same issue with all of my bills that a synced to Quicken
  • mdeehl
    mdeehl Member ✭✭
    edited October 2019
    I am unable to send you the logs you requested because I receive an error message "FILE FORMAT NOT ALLOWED". Please get access to the Quicken Technical Support Reference # 7064680. Additionally, The Shift Supervisor, Carlos Mora [removed personal info]. He is aware of this problem and told me Quickens is trying to resolve this problem and suggested a new patch will be created soon.

    Please look into this matter! Anyone who accepted the last Quickens upgrade will have this same problem with any on-line Billers which are LINKED will be affected with Reminders and Payees and will become DEPOSITS after the due date is uploaded, by one step update.
  • I am having this same problem. My bill reminders (that are linked online) showing up after a bill update as negative numbers and so appear as income in my registers...Using Quicken premier R22.12 build
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