whole groups of transactions do not reliably update between pc and smart phone (android)

The is behavior since the last update. blocks of updates do not show on the smart phone, only to appear later. When presuming the app did not take, and redoing... sometimes duplication occurs at a later time. This usually with mobile data, not wifi. Did complete trouble shooting with support. I think this is related to creation failure when taking a pic with the android camera, that fails to "take." This since the last update. LG G7, Os 8.1


  • Last month, the app would not open unless one cleared data and logged back in. The last update cured that... however, when adding an attachment from the camera via mobile data (cell tower) the app skips back to the account menu and does not post the transaction. Taking an attachment always works when the source in the library. This needs to be fixed. I have an LG G7, os 8.1... All trouble shooting steps have been done with the help of quicken tech support. The app occasionally displays this behavior when using wifi. There is an incompatibility with use of the smartphones camera and mobile data whether adding the attachment for the first time or adding an attachment via camera to an existing transaction.
  • Well today, 3 transactions where pics were taken failed to complete and I was sent back to the account screen. I redid the transactions and loaded the images from the library and that worked. Unlike before, wifi was connected. I updated on the pc and during reconcile the transactions that completed today were on the phone but not on the desktop pc. I have no other camera related problems but at least my lg g7 with android 9 is having a problem with the mobile app. Quite the headache. All troubleshooting on files and programs has been done. I'd love to hear from an lg g7 user to hear if they are having the same problems. Past problems with the app over the years have always been resolved by quicken. They usually have occurred with changes are made server side for a new feature and the app is in flux. However my problem with the camera happens before the server is called into action.

    The app acts up when the LG camera is set to 4:3 16p or 8p
    guess i'll use 16:1 till this is resolved.
    I spoke with LG and his suggestion was to clear the Data and Cash on the LG Camera app. It appears that there had been corruption during the last update of the Android OS 9. Things seem to be working better. So for now clearing the camera app located in settings, apps... menu -> system apps ... camera, force stop, clear data and then restarting the phone... is the suggested procedure.
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