New install, cannot connect to ANY institutions

Beyond frustrated... forked over the subscription money to be able to sync accounts again, did a clean install on a fresh install of windows. Read online that this problem seems widespread... tried all the suggestions about firewalls and internet security.

Every time I try to set up an account it tells me that it can't connect or find the institution and it must be set up as a manual account.


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    Without knowing what error message is received, it is tough to advise.
    Widespread?  Not based on the postings on this forum.
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  • There are many many threads about this, I've tried all the suggestions:

    I open quicken, try to add a new account to a brand new quicken file, and the error message says that it's unable to connect to the financial institution and the account must be set up manually.

    Tried this for every bank on the list and got the same result. There's no "error message" per se beyond that.
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    What version of Quicken - -- Help -- About Quicken
    Can you also verify your subscription status on that same screen

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  • It's a brand new install/subscription. I'm not at home now, but it was version 27.1. something when I looked. I tried to update and it says it's the latest version.
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    logically - it's a problem with either Quicken not being able to
    - connect to verify your Quicken account
    - something on the local disk like virus protect, cloud storage, Windows, etc
    - something with the Internet connection...VPN, firewall, etc
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  • I came to the same conclusion, I went through and made sure quicken was added to my firewall. I don't have active virus protection. It's able to connect to my quicken account because it sync'd my (essentially) empty quicken file to the cloud which I can see on quicken web.

    So the question remains, as it seems to have happened to many, what do I actually do? Certainly someone must have resolved this and have a suggestion.
    I don't get any sort of error message to use as a starting point. Is there a log for this somehow?

    I'm going to try to download this mondo update patch thing for 2019 when I get home and see if that magically changes things.
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    You can also try booting your computer in Safe Mode with Networking and then trying to connect.
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