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Complaint about support tec[h] (Forgive me - I don't know if this is server delay or 1st Q. lost

silenussilenus Member
I have had extensive experience in both personal and business computing. I am often referred to a second level support person, but I have never before felt constrained to complain about my treatment by a support person. I had an interaction Quicken support on 9/27/2019. I know the name of the rep and approximate time of the call which was quite disappointing. The rep said “I know what I am doing.” but was clearly reading from a script and had NO idea how Quicken is supposed to work. What is worse she deflected questions about a secondary problem, was brusque and bordered on rude. Looking at things the following day I was able to fix them and things DID work as I expected. An e-mail to [email protected] bounced back. I do not want to supply extensive details here if it is not the correct place or my concerns will not be taken seriously. Exactly where should one e-mail, call, or snail mail about this?


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