Checks To Print still needs work.

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I print a large number of checks over the course of a year.  The Checks To Print screen needs some work.  This has been an issue for at least the last 3 years and is still an issue in Q2019 R22.12.

When I first select this from the Q taskbar I get the following:

OK so far.  I select "Selected Check" and click Choose.

I have selected two checks to print and I click "Done".

Still OK I click OK to print the checks.

Checks printed ok now if I click OK here we begin to have a problem.  The next "pop-up" box should be "Do you have more checks to Print?"  With a "Yes or No" button.  If you select "No" the window closes and you are returned to the register.  If you select "Yes" you should get the first screenshot above of the Checks To Print.  What you do get is this:

Now it says "You have not selected any checks to print BUT it also says there ARE selected checks.  In fact, all the checks that have not been printed are selected.  If the user is not careful and clicks "OK" then it will print ALL of the checks.  In my case that can be as many as 40 checks. The only safe way out is to click on the "X" that will close the dialog box.

This final screen should be removed and the dialog box with a yes or no answer that I mentioned earlier would be a much better way to proceed.

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    More to fix on this topic.  Today I added a single transaction that was a check.  I right clicked on the transaction and selected "view as check".  I then clicked print (logically this should be a quick way to just print this one check).

    When I clicked print the following dialog appeared:

    No if I had clicked OK ALL 34 checks would have been printed NOT the single check.  I instead selected the option to select checks, clicked Choose... and printed the single check and the following screen came up:

    The absurdity of this is self evident.  How can is say "You have not selected any check to print"  yet also also say you have selected checks and if you click Choose see that ALL of the checks have been selected.  This needs to be fixed!!!!!!