RESOLVED 12/15/19: 10/2/2019 TD Bank returns various connection errors with Direct Connect

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We are seeing an emerging issue where some Quicken for Windows users are receiving various connection errors when attempting to add or update accounts with TD Bank Online Banking - New when using Direct Connect.

We have identified a solution that seems to be working, and I wanted to share that here:

Step 1. Confirm the accounts are linked with Direct Connect
Step 2. Confirm the error in the ConnLog:
"The application has been denied access to the server. Try again now, or wait and try later"
Step 3. Confirm the error in the OFX Log: 
Step 4. Navigate to the Online Services tab and look for Direct Connect Bill Pay (not Quicken Bill Pay). ONLY deactivate the Bill Pay connection.

Following these steps should resolve the issue. However, if any errors persist, please contact Support for further troubleshooting.

If you would like to be automatically notified of any updates regarding this issue, please bookmark this Alert by clicking the yellow star in the upper right corner.

Thank you!

Alert ID: 7070496
-Quicken Natalie 


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    ONGOING 10/30/19

    This issue is still ongoing and is due to incorrect settings at TD Bank OFX servers. 

    TD Bank is working to resolve the errors, however, there is no ETA at this time. 

    We appreciate everyone's patience as this continues to be worked on!
    -Quicken Natalie 
  • ONGOING 11/16/19

    This Alert is still listed as ongoing and there is no ETA on a resolution at this time.

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Natalie 
  • ONGOING 11/30/19

    This Alert is still listed as ongoing, as Users are still reporting an OL-301, OL-220 or CC-501 error message when attempting to add or update accounts with TD Bank in Quicken.

    There is currently no ETA on a resolution. 

    Thank you for your patience!
    -Quicken Natalie 
  • RESOLVED 12/15/19

    This Alert has been listed as resolved and everyone should now be able to add or update their accounts with TD Bank once again.

    Thank you!
    -Quicken Natalie 
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