Import security prices from CSV file as part of One Step Update

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I have several securities that are unlisted, so I use the "Import security prices from CSV file..." feature to update the prices. That is tedious to do every day.

It would be great if I could configure One Step Update to simply import that same file every time it runs.
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  • q_lurker
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    That is certainly a novel idea.  One I would not have thought of.  

    Just curious -- how are you getting the csv file?  Straight from the financial institution?  You own update?  Some other source?  

    Since you are doing this "every day", I suspect you are using a "ticker", "price" format one line for each of the "several" securities.  

    As an alternative (since I am doubtful this idea will gain much traction), you might consider using a copy/paste pairing to copy the individual prices from the csv file or other presentation and then pasting into the price field of a portfolio view.  That may prove to be quicker for "several" securities than the import csv file sequence.

  • user99029
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    I have written a script that is scheduled to run and connect to the financial website(s), scans the html for the securities and prices, then appends the results to a file.

    The file looks something like this:


    With this approach, I can have any number of securities updated with a single file import.

    If Quicken had a way (e.g., API), I would simply have the script connect to Quicken directly and update it with the new prices.
  • Greg_the_Geek
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    You might want to vote for your own idea by clicking the up arrow under the 0.
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  • seshapiro
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    I copied user 99029s file and change the security names and prices and tried to import the file It tells me file not found or unreadable. I am using quicken 2017.
    I save the file as a csv file.
    Why will it not import the file?
  • q_lurker
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    @seshapiro :  What program are you using to prepare the file?

    If using Excel or similar spreadsheet, you want to be putting each field (ticker, price date) into a separate column (cell) and from that structure, saving the file as a csv file.  
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