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Tag has a conflicting attribute

The following message appears when I try to sync Quicken Mobile & Web from the desktop application: The tag "2019 Senior Nationals" was not synced. Conflict detected. tags [186894054206275584] has a conflicting attribute [name=name, answerValue=2019 Senior Nationals].

Have no idea what this means and no idea how to fix. At one point I did have a "2019 Senior Nationls" tag and a "2019 Senior Nationals" tag. I think I had one transaction with the misspelled tag but I fixed it and deleted the misspelled tag.

This error will not let me complete a sync. Do I just need to reset my cloud data? Do have some transactions I've added to the cloud that I wanted to get to my desktop Quicken.

Running Win 10 and Quicken 2019 release R22.12



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