Release R.22.12 Online Bill Reminder Issue

As part of the most recent R.22.12 release, they substantially changed the way Quicken updates online bills. They set up a menu to re-verify all bills. The ones that could not be verified had to be “Removed” by a “Remove” button that is provided. After you have done that it advances to a screen where you can re-set up your bills. I am stuck in a loop where the “remove” button does not work. The program confirms the removal but in fact the bill is not removed. Because of that, you cannot advance to the next menu. Endless loop of failure.


  • I contacted customer support who advises that there is no solution for this problem. Prior to contacting support I ran the Super Validation program to make sure my file was not corrupt. My data file is fine, and obviously it is a defect in the program. The offending bill reminder appears to be missing some type of file name or number after the dot that appears on the "remove" screen. The only thing you can try is to go back to a much earlier backup file and redo all of your transactions. I have a 2019 program disk and will try to uninstall and reinstall from the disk with my internet turned off so that I may be able to import my data file, delete all online bill reminders and "sanitize" my data file. Then upgrade to R.22.12. Customer support does not believe that remedy will work but I will let you all know.
  • After many attempts (including viewing data and system files using Ztree) there is no way to correct this problem. The only solution is to go back to a backup file prior to your setting up online bill reminders. In my case the date was in July of 2019 (four months!). At least my bank accounts and investment accounts did not have to be reset up. Alternatively I guess you can archive the old file (with you tax receipt scans, etc.) and start from scratch with a brand new file. I am going to simply copy the last/most recent file to a disk and put it in my fire safe. The ultimate problem is that one of the bills was not completely set up the first time (the utility was transitioning to a new online system). That triggered the endless loop. Since the incomplete bill reminder ("This bill needs attention" in red) continued through many backup files, it became a fatal flaw during the upgrade. Also it would have helped if they would not grey out the "online payee list" button under Tools, as that might have let me delete all bill reminders.
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    As part of the most recent R.22.12 release, they substantially changed the way Quicken updates online bills.
    Just to clarify - what do you mean by "online bills"  as you also mentioned "reminders", and I have never seen the "remove" screen you also mentioned.
    I am using Reminders for both manual and online bill payments, but I happen to use CHASE online Bill Payments vs the external 3rd party for Quicken Bill Payments.
    I have no problems with either my Reminders or my Chase online Bill Payments
    Win10 - Quicken 2019 R22.12 -
    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
  • I had the same issue for months. I finally called customer support and they resolved it for me. I uploaded my data file, they fixed it and then I downloaded the fixed data file.
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