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Downloaded QFX files and downloaded transactions that are deleted from an investment register

I have many transactions from investing. Too many to enter manually. I downloaded a .QFX file and imported those transactions into the account regeister. However, I deleted many of those downloaded tranasactions in order to start over. When I again imported the .QFX file the result was there are NO NEW TRANSACTIONS. So, it appears that once th transactions are downloaded from a .QFX file and then deleted, Quicken somehow seems to keep track of those transactions, thinking maybe they were NOT deleted and it appears I cannot use those downloaded transactions again as they will not import into the register. So, looks like manual entries unless I am enlightened as how to overcome this issue. Quicken support thinks its a corrupted file. I am doubtful of that as that seems to be the standard answer for problems they cannot fix, although I am not totally sure. So anyone else out there that knows what is really happening. please advise. Thanks

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  • dbrancdbranc Member
    Is there a way to delete downloaded transactions so this does not happen?
    Is there a log that is kept, or a file that can be deleted so that Quicken does not "see" those ID numbers?
  • markus1957markus1957 SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Short answer is No.
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