M&T Bank Transactions Stopped Updating In Quicken 2019

Updated to Quicken 2019 on Sep 14, 2019.

Everything worked fine until October 7 when I installed macOS Catalina v.10.15.

Since that day M&T Bank Direct Connect stopped updating transactions. (All other banks updated flawlessly) No error codes, it just times out with an "Oops. We're having a problem. Quicken cannot connect with M&T Bank Direct Connect".

Quicken Tech Support walked me through numerous possible solutions. None worked.

M&T Bank on-line support also walked me through a series of possible solutions, again nothing worked.

Transaction updates stopped right after installing Catalina. So, something in either Quicken, M&T Bank or macOS Catalina is preventing the connection.

If anyone has a viable fix for this problem please share it.

If not, I respectfully request Quicken, M&T Bank and Apple collaborate to resolve it.

Copies of this request has been sent to each.

Don Jusiak


  • CuriosityCuriosity Member
    Running Quicken for Mac subscription. Recently 'upgraded' os to 'Catalina'.
    Now M&T transactions won't download. I've tried several times to edit settings and set up downloads.......no success. I have another older MacBook Pro on older operating system and no issues with M&T on it. Clearly, some issue related to my having installed Catalina.
    Are others having similar issue with M&T direct connect transaction downloads? Any troubleshooting hints appreciated.
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