Quicken's gotten too expensive for me

nancy.l.marinenancy.l.marine Member
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I've been using Quicken for my personal finances for, oh... 25 years?

Most recently, I got a message telling me I needed to renew my subscription?????

I usually hold onto the software for the maximum three years, then pay for a new version. Now I have to renew it every year? For the same price as a new one?

Also, to save money, I went with the least expensive option. Within an hour, I decided I wanted the next version up, so I could do more with my 401(k). Went to the website to "upgrade" and was shown there was no actual upgrade price, just the same pricing, showing me I needed to outright buy the next version up, with no credit given for the prior order just an hour earlier.

(edited) $75 a year is just too much for just a year's worth of use.


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