How to add 'payment method' to 'method/cheque' drop-down table

I have set up numerous bill and income reminders. When it comes to enter the bill or income item, the 'Enter Income Transaction' or 'Enter Expense Transaction' pop-up displays and in the 'Payment Information' section, the 'method/cheque' lists the form of payment available (e.g. ATM, Deposit or Next Cheque Number, ATM, Print Cheque respectively). How do I add 'EFT' to the list of income and expense forms of payment?

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  • Michael 49
    Michael 49 Member ✭✭✭
    Thank you for the quick response and the location of 'form of payment' list. My bad, forgot to specify Quicken for Windows - Deluxe Canadian Edition, version R16.22, build
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