Short Term Rental Terms for Vacation/AirBnB Rentals (1 Merged Vote) [edited]

I use Quicken Home, Business & Rental Property to assist with my frequent weekend renting on AirBnB of a vacation home. What the QHBR product could really use is the ability to track <short-term> tenants, track future income for reserved rentals, a way to allocate expenses such that they are split between Schedule E rental expenses and non-deductible personal expenses (where a property is used for both personal and rental purposes) and perhaps even downloading relevant data from AirBnb.
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  • jkpattenjkpatten Unconfirmed, Member
    Your rental software is set up for long term rental property but I would love to see more ability to manage short term vacation property with weekly rentals.
  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Why can't you do that now?  What function do you believe is missing, or not working as you'd like?
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