Negative .01 cent error in reconcile (Q Win Canada)

Buzz Norton
Buzz Norton Member ✭✭
Quicken Home and Business 2019
After version upgrade R22.11, October 15, I get a .01 cent error in reconciling and error of negative .01 cent in Balance Sheet account.
When reconcile my chequeing account, for example, a .01 cent imbalance occurred which was not warranted, the account balance was correct.
Anyone else experiencing this problem. Suggestions please.
Buzz Norton


  • MarcR
    MarcR Member ✭✭✭
    I have been seeing a similar issue while trying to reconcile a Mastercard account.  It is showing a wrong statement balance and has erred three times in the last month by exactly .01.  I have used the adjustment feature to in the reconciliation report to keep things in balance, but it is annoying.
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