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At one time, I was able to resize the status window and the next time it came up it was the same size (Quicken for Mac) ... that feature has been missing for a few versions, but it wold be nice to have it work. It's a hassle resizing that window each time. THANKS!
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  • Ken W.
    Ken W. Member ✭✭✭
    I am surprised and disappointed that there are no votes for this suggestion. I too have to resize the Accounts Status window every time I log in to my account (which is daily.) Unfortunately, I cannot determine how to vote for Bill's suggestion. Consider this post a vote for the suggestion.
  • jacobs
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    @Ken W.   You can't cast a vote because the moderators have marked this request as "already offered." Perhaps if you offered more information about what it does (or doesn't do), this could get re-opened. (Screen shots, with any personal financial info blocked out, can be helpful.)
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