Quicken flunks arithmetic with split percentage memorized transactions

Ken Winter
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I have a lot of memorized payees where the memorized transaction is split 50%-50% between two transactions. When I use the memorized split to populate a new transaction, about half the time the amount is not evenly allocated between the two categories. I'm attaching a screen shot of one of the biggest discrepancies. The transaction being entered is at the bottom, and you can see the allocation in the "Split Transaction" popup.

Some more details:
1. The problem doesn't happen with all my memorized split transactions - I'd say it happens about half the time.
2. I have been careful to memorize each pay using a transaction whose amount is an even number, thinking to avoid any errors due to rounding off.
3. I have tried to memorize transactions with a large amount (e.g. $1000) and with a small amount (e.g. $1). That doesn't seem to make any difference.
4. When memorizing, I always say yes to the "Memorize split payees as percentages?" question.
5. As you'll see from the example, the error can occur even when the new transaction amount is an even number.

Is there any fix for this?

BTW, I'm running Quicken 2019 on Windows 7 Pro. I've been using Quicken since the late 1980s, and have not encountered this problem until the last year or so.


  • David Christopher
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    Since nobody has responded to this yet and I have never used a split transaction with percentages, I decided to try it out.  I wish you had left the categories visible in the screen shot because I have a lack of imagination as what categories I would want to split 50/50. So, I tried adding two new savings goals for Propane and Medical expenses; went through the hoops and on last step got a message that I can not contribute to savings goals from a split transaction.  

    Next I made a 'Junk' Payee and split 50/50 between Groceries and Household.  It worked fine with 3 different amounts. 

    The split screens divided the money properly in each. Here is shot of the $45.00 split.

    I attached the help file instructions I used.  I did make one other 50/50 but at the time I did not have the 'Transaction Toolbar' as part of my register, but I did have in my Preferences to memorize new payees.  In the Memorized Payee list it was there with the 100 dollar split between Groceries and Household, but when I entered another transaction in the register for $75.00 the split was still working for 100 with an overage line. I had to put the 50% in each category with that one to get the split correct. 

    So I most likely have not solved your problem, Sorry.

    PS I posted a 4th time for $36.24 and the split came out $18.12 for each category.
  • Ken Winter
    Ken Winter Member ✭✭
    Thanks David for the try. You haven't solved my problem, but the fact that at least one person can't reproduce the problem is useful data.

    Thanks also for the help page on this matter. I had never seen this page, but I think the process I've been doing for storing and using a memorized split transaction is just what that page describes.

    If others reading this topic try to reproduce the problem, please share your results, even if you can't reproduce it.