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How do I speak on the phone to Quicken Support Staff in America?

I am so frustrated; I spent many hours today on the telephone literally being transferred around the world, sent to the wrong department, put on terminal hold, and gettin cut off. When I was finally working with a gentleman from Guatemala, I received advise that left me totally unsure about anything he had walked me through trying to resolve the problem. He literally suggested just archiving my 20 year history in Quicken and starting a new file. I hate it when they really do not know what to do, or when they are threatened by my questioning about what the purpose of their "advise steps" are. I called 650-250-1900 four times today and never spoke to anyone in America. Any advise how I can speak to a US based support staff? Thanks.


  • CejkameoutCejkameout Member ✭✭
    You have to ask for Tier Two support. They will give you a hard time, but just insist. Then they will schedule a call for Tier Two to call you within 24 hours. They will email a confirmation of the time. It is worth the wait.

    Personally, I have only every had 2 level one support agents who knew what they were talking about. Some dont even know there is a level two.

    If they dont, just hang up and try again or ask for another level one, then ask for the level two call back.
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