Quicken on The Web: What Did I Spend Last Year?

As far as I can see there is no way I can see all at one time all the expenses/income I've spent for the past year for my taxes. If there is please let me know. It would be a LOT easier to have everything all together so I can do my taxes while I'm abroad in the winter when there is more quiet time. When I get back in March there is not enough time to do the taxes and then I have to put in for an extension and try to get done in the summer when it is much busier than when i'm relaxing doing nothing and no phone calls including robot calls. Thank you I hope you can help me with this problem.
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    Until the programmers can get around to putting all the bells and whistles into Quicken on the Web ...
    I'd rather you installed Quicken on the laptop that you're taking with you while traveling, as well as your tax reporting software. I just don't know how robust Quicken on the Web is and if it will handle several months of data entry without a chance to sync to your home computer at least once in a while. You risk losing all your travel transactions if there were to be a problem.