Problems using Express Web Connect to the Royal Bank of Canada

Since August 17th, 2019 since I updated the Quicken software (release R22.11) I have been unable to update my Royal Bank of Canada account using Express Web Connect. My Mastercard account using Web Connect still works.

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  • NotACPA
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    Do you get any error messages, or codes,when you try to connect to RBC?

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  • harbour58
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  • harbour58
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    Does Quicken Support Canada have any answer to this? This also happened a couple of years ago the last time there was a major update to software. I was on the phone on 3 separate occasions totalling over 6 hours before support gave up on me and told me it was the bank’s problem. I sent quicken a copy of the bank downloaded file showing clearly it was a Quicken problem. I never heard back but “mysteriously” the problem was fixed about 5 weeks later when a new release came out.
  • AB User
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    One step update has quit working since I upgraded to the new Quicken. This has affected downloads from BMO and RBC. Spent several hours with Quicken Support and was unable to resolve but it appears my working file was corrupted somehow - a new test file was able to download correctly. Also, I can visit bank sites and download transactions. The problem is with One Step Update.

    I can't delete my one-step settings. If I try, it causes Quicken to freeze and I have to do a hard shut down. Frustrating as One-Step was working perfectly for a long time prior to the upgrade.
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