What is a "Scheduled" Bill and Income Reminder

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I've got a slew of Bill and Income Reminders that I've created over the years and they let me know when things are due. I notice there's a Scheduled tab in the Bill and Income Reminders window but for me that tab is empty. I'm confused because all of my Reminders have various due dates and in my mind they are scheduled. So, what is this Scheduled category used for?

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    Thanks for the answer.
    Ok but a bit deceiving. The tab should be called Online and not Scheduled. When you click the link on the Scheduled tab to Set Up a Scheduled Bill it presents you with a choice of Manual or Online. Again, it's deceiving. If I worked for Quicken in Quality these things would never pass.
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    Now I'm confused....
    I have online bill payments with Reminders,
    and manual payments with Reminders,
    and some deposit reminders, etc -
    so a variety of combos....  however - NOT using the "Biller" option/feature -
    but - my Scheduled (tab) screen - is BLANK

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    Argh... will have to wait till another online bill comes due -
    Then I guess - the tab should be labelled - TO SEND -
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    yup - as mentioned and shown above..... it really should be labelled... "To Send" -
    SO - what else can be the "status" -
    and what is the "schedule" button in the lower right when editing the transaction ?

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