Work around for Capital One issue downloading account information

I have a question however am providing some details as to why I am asking the question - I bought Quicken - Windows a few months ago and have yet to get Capital One accounts to update.
Recently i dug deeper into the issue and noticed the biller URL for Capital One Card Services is a survey site that no longer exists - Not a Capital One site.
Support will not provide additional information or an ETA on this and blames Capital One - Capital One states they provide everything Intuit/Quicken needs to connect.

Question - Has anyone been able to get Capital One Card Service accounts to update correctly in Quicken - Windows? Does anyone know a way to change the biller URL for Capital One Card Services so it is at least pointing to the correct URL?

Any help would be appreciated. This issue is not on the pop-up of known issues on the Quicken support site so there is no way to know until you buy the software that there is an issue with C1 CS accounts.



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    My Cap One CC downloads fine - using their special - Express Web Connect+
    In the One Step Update, as I recall, there was a one time handshake to download a token that basically replaces any password entry .... the box doesn't exist.
    Which specific Cap One CC do you have - as there are several listed in Quicken.
    07492    07492    07492    Capital One Card Services    1-800-955-7070    ACTIVE        

    Quicken Subscription - Windows 10
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