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What's Happening in the Quicken Community - November '19 Edition

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Happy November All!

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    Key Releases & Highlights for Quicken for Mac

    QMac 2019 5.13.0 (In Staged Release at time of writing)

    • New: The new macOS Catalina does not allow 32-bit apps to run.  This causes the local Quicken 2007 and Quicken Windows file converters to fail.  To address the issue, Quicken Mac will not temporarily upload a file to a new cloud-based converter that will convert the file, transfer it back to Quicken Mac for import, and then delete it.
    • New: You can now organize summary and comparison reports by Inflows and Outflows instead of just Income and Expense using the new Cash Flow report customization option under the Advanced tab.
    • Improved: We changed the way the Twice a Month scheduled transaction frequency worked.  Previously, the first day had to be earlier than the second day which could cause past-due instanced.
    • Improved: We changed the way the Twice a Year scheduled transaction frequency worked.  Previously, both dates had to be in the same year, but this did not make sense when the starting date was at the end of the year.

    QMac 2019 5.12.5

    • Fixed: Fixed an issue in which auto-categorization did not work for some customers.
    • Fixed: Fixed a Bank Bill Pay issue in which a nine-digit zip code caused some banks to reject the bill pay command.
    • Fixed: Fixed an issue that prevented the Column menu from appearing in the investment register when you selected the Column toolbar button.

    Key Releases & Highlights for Quicken for Windows

    QWIN US 2019 R23.14 (In Staged Release at time of writing)

    • New: Added the ability to validate billing information through a new menu.  Validating billing information ensures that bills are properly set up and speeds up the process of Quicken updating your bills.
    • New: Created a video walkthrough for adding an account.
    • New: Added throttling and user alerts for when a high volume of traffic is overloading servers.
    • Improvement: Replaced outdated error reporting tool.

    QWIN US 2019 R22.17 (Hot Fix)

    • Fixed: An issue where some users saw yellow banner with expiry notice and also got the message during connected service when subscription service was down

    QWIN CA 2019 R22.11

    • New: You can now sync your Asset and Liability accounts to Quicken mobile and web to get a more completely picture of your net worth anywhere anytime.
    • Improved: We simplified the new budget setup process. You now have the option to select the categories you wish to budget and set the budget amounts up front, rather than starting with a pre-selected budget based on your past spending.
    • Improved: We simplified the set-up process for new users by automatically assigning them the preference of Download transactions when Quicken starts.
    • New: Added Annualized Returns and Capital gain % columns to the capital gains report. Users can toggle between the two columns.
    • Improved & Fixed: Number of Enhancements, Improvements, bug fixes and crashes.

    Community Stats for the Month of October ‘19

    1,610 New Discussions created with 6,007 comments posted by 1,922 Contributors

    1,173 New Questions created with 1,198 answers posted and 920 Accepted Answers

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