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Cloud Sync Crashing

Changed my Quicken ID password about a week ago and cloud sync crashes ever since. I'm running Windows R22.17. To fix I've
-reset cloud data multiple times
-signed out and back in multiple times
-deleted Quicken Mobile & reinstalled
-restored two different back up files also resulting in crashing
-validated & super validated the file
-reverted to previous password

Support has been alerted and this has been passed up the ladder.


  • TheJimTheJim Member
    I have a very similar problem. In the past, about 3 months ago, I had crashes when I would do updates and it would get to the cloud sync. I unchecked this and all seemed to be OK. Now, suddenly, the crashes are back. I have tried to have it stop syncing, but I do not seem to be able to accomplish this. If I recover a backup, all is OK if I tell it that it is only a temporary file and not to sync. However, if I close and reopen, the program crashes. I believe that it is when it is trying to do a sync. The folks at Quicken do not seem to know how to stop it from syncing. I will call them again on Monday.
  • Having similar issues. Needs to be fixed as this keeps crashing my program.
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