How can I prevent duplicate transactions resulting from Scheduled Repeating Online Payments?

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After setting up a scheduled repeating-online payment (via Bills->Manage Bill and Income Reminders->Repeating Online->Add Bill->Manual Bill->Use Online Bill Pay), the first scheduled transaction is unexpectedly entered into the register using the first payment date, and marked as Repeating.

After the updating to my financial institution, the repeating-online payment is sent. During this process, the first transaction is downloaded with a newly assigned check number.

However, I cannot match the downloaded transaction to the unexpectedly entered register transaction (attempting to do so returns a No Match message). If I accept the downloaded transaction, it is also entered into the register (which I expect), and marked as Sent (see attached image file).

However, now I have two register entries, with the same date, for the one payment. (one has a check number assigned and the other does not). This doubled transaction produces an incorrect register balance amount.

Furthermore, I cannot delete the "Repeating" transaction without deleting the entire series!

How can I set up a recurring online payment that does not create a registry entry until after the transaction has been downloaded with the check number?

To further complicate (and also workaround) this issue, I perform the following remedial steps to fix this issue:
In the register:
1. I modified Memo field for the downloaded transaction that was marked as Sent (the one having a check number).
2. While saving my change Quicken prompts "is the the next scheduled payment..." or some message similar to this, and I confirm that it is.
3. The initial unexpectedly entered transaction, marked as repeating, suddenly vanishes.
4. The register balance is now correct because there is only one transaction, and all is good.

Is this behavior new, or am I missing something?
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