Why is Validate reading files that don't belong to Quicken?

J M Member ✭✭
Hi - I know there's something about my file that's stressing QW - thousands of custom securities are defined (options trading), and registers with between 6000 and 13000 transactions in them. I'm on R23.14 ; normal validate doesn't resolve things so I'm trying Super Validate when I noticed that during this loooonnnnnng 2+hr process, Windows resource monitor shows disk activity related to qw.exe, is accessing files completely unrelated to its ownership or dataset. I did not look for, therefore can't comment on whether the normal validate did the same.

But it shows qw.exe tagged as accessing my Google Chrome cache files, Google Chrome User Data , Outlook data, and data and configuration files of other applications platforms, etc. in completely separate directories such as Adobe Photoshop.

Why is it poking at any of that data, or any of the data/configuration of other files that it would seemingly have no business accessing?

I use Panda as my AntiVirus; I've even tried turning that off to determine if this causes anything to be mis-tokenized to qw.exe - and it does not change things.



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