How do you fix the register date when it changes by a full year?

My register began to change the year to 2020 even though when I hit the date icon it offers the correct year. I cannot change it. I called support. The technician claims there is a solution but the fees are exorbitant, e.g., 750 for the call and 1000+ for any short term plan.

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  • volvogirl
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    Where did you find the support number?  Support is free.  Contact Quicken Customer Support 

    Click on Talk to Support and it will pop up a phone number.  Support is free for current versions.

    Other links or phone numbers found elsewhere on the Internet, even in some posts here in the Community, may not be from Quicken or may not be up-to-date. Use those at your own risk.  They usually try to charge you a lot to "fix" your computer and will probably install malware and viruses.

    See this post by Quicken Kathryn about support

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