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Downloaded Transactions Improvements

I'm using Quicken 2020 R23.14.

I've used Quicken and (removed) extensively. The download transaction feature in Quicken can be improved significantly to reduce the amount of time wasted simply getting transactions into Quicken. I would like to make the following suggestions, most of which come from (removed) Desktop:
1. Add a checkbox to each row in the downloaded transaction list so that you can multi-select to do things like accept them.
2. Add ability to multi-select using Shift so that you can accept the selected items.
3. Ability to filter by status with the following statuses: "New", "Renamed", "Matched", "Accepted"
Sometimes I get behind and download my credit card transactions every 3 months. There can be hundreds of transactions to go through. It would be nice to be able to filter and view the "Renamed" ones so I can quickly make corrections on those, select them all and hit Accept all in one go. (removed) Desktop lets you do this and it saves tons of time.
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