Text in search box is getting cut off

Quicken Win subscription version R23.14 updated 11/10. There's a bug in the interface where the "Search a payment or deposit" box at the top of the screen does not display the full height of the letters. For Example a capital "A" has the lower 1/3 of the character hidden by the search box. The register search box works as expected. This isn't a show stopper but it's been this way for quite a while and it's annoying. I would post a screen shot but that doesn't seem to be an option.


  • Dan Glynhampton
    Dan Glynhampton SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    It seems to display the full height of the letters for me:

    It might be related to the resolution settings of your display.  Post some more details of the resolution you are using and someone may be able to help.

    To post a screenshot use this icon which you'll find on the little toolbar at the top of the box where you type your message:

    US Quicken Deluxe for Windows Subscription R28.16 on Windows 10 Pro v2004
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