Weird error message: BugSplat RC resource DLL not found

I have been having a very peculiar problem with Quicken 2017 on my Windows 10 PC which just started in the last day.

When I start Quicken and try to open my data file, I get an error message that the file can not be opened because it is in use by another program (which does not seem likely); but after restarting my computer a few times I can usually open the file.

However, once the file opens, when I try to open an account, or click on the Bills tab, the program freezes, and then gives me a strange error message: BugSplat RC resource DLL not found, then the program closes.

I have restarted the PC numerous times and this problem now occurs every time and I can not access my data. I have also restored a backup file and the same problem occurs.

Any help in solving this problem would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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