share reported does not match on line holding

online balance vanguard high dividend index fund admiral reported as high dividend index fund investor share.


  • Tom Young
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    Everything you've said here is pretty darn cryptic so I don't know if I'm understanding your situation.  I'm guessing the shares shown in Quicken don't match the share number that Vanguard is reporting?  And I'm guessing that Vanguard is also reporting a different "class" of the fund than the class you're showing in the Quicken Account, i.e., "Admiral" vs. "Investor" shares?
    You might look over at the Vanguard site and see if Vanguard converted your old Investor shares to Admiral shares and you haven't reflected that change in Quicken.  Sometimes the conversion is not exactly 1 for 1 so perhaps that accounts for the different share count.

  • Hello Tom, Thanks.. I do not own any investor share always have admiral share in my account. During the update .. I got this alert that vanguard report # share of investor shares compared to zero in my quicken account. Also the same apply to the admiral shares 0 share reported from vanguard but # in my quicken account.