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Bizzarre "Ending Balance"

Michael S.Michael S. Member ✭✭
One Step Updated reset the ending balance for one checking account to $9,062,385,332.15
No way is this accurate.
Why does Quicken report this incoherent ending balance?
How to correct?
Quicken Home & Business 2020 ver R23.14 (current) build:
Windows 10 64 bit OS

Best Answer


  • Michael S.Michael S. Member ✭✭
    Found the errant downloaded entry. Thank you.
  • Michael S.Michael S. Member ✭✭
    Happened again today. Very, very difficult to delete the errant transaction. Once the errant transaction was deleted, the ending balance remained bizzare. I performed a super validation on the file (no errors reported), closed Quicken, reopened and all is well. Thank you for your assistance.
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