Raise Your Hand If Your Paycheck Feature Is Broken

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    [EDIT] This post (below) was its own thread; however, it was moved. The reason I wanted it to be its own thread is because of the title I gave it (something about "Raise Your Hand If Your Paycheck Feature Is Broken"). Moving it to this thread, I feel, will actually HIDE the intent, which is to bring this to Quicken's attention.[/EDIT]

    First, to showcase the number of individuals having this error (whether you're using R23.14 or not), please click the "thumbs up" button on this post. I have a feeling this is more common than Quicken is letting on.

    Second, the description of my historical use and lack of file corruption follows, so the real issue starts below the line with asterisks (***).

    HISTORY. I have an annual subscription to Quicken and am running R23.14 (build I am an experienced Quicken user with over 20 years of consistent interaction with the software. My data file (which currently only houses the past two years of information) is CLEAN! That is, I have done (at the behest of Quicken support) Validate & Repair multiple times, with no errors, and a "super" Validate & Repair (again, with no errors).

    I have been on chat with Quicken support multiple times and the end result has always been, "Your data file must be corrupt. You should start a new one." I have done so MULTIPLE times and it ALWAYS leads to this issue.

    I do not use attachments within the program, as I have found this to cause bugginess. I do not use any mobile or sync features, as I fear this adds to bugginess. I do not use the "Online Bill" feature because I KNOW it causes bugginess. I store the file locally (not on a server) because I know this causes bugginess.


    Here is the issue. Roughly three-to-four months ago, while entering paycheck information via my paycheck created by the Paycheck Wizard, the math was not working out correctly. That is, the sum of Pre-Tax Deductions (for an example) should have been $1200 and if I grabbed a calculator and added up the pretax deductions it would sum to $1200, but Quicken was not adding these correctly and it would ALWAYS be a number smaller than what was listed in the Pre-Tax Deductions section. This holds true for all Paycheck Wizard sections.

    Furthermore, when deleting a single entry from a block, say the Pre-Tax Deductions section, in the Paycheck Wizard, Quicken would delete TWO entries (almost always the one I was trying to delete AND the one at the bottom of the block).

    I have had multiple representatives from Quicken support try to figure this out and they are all stumped (as if this is the only occurrence of this issue in the entire Quicken userbase). They suggested I start (yet another) new file. So... I have spent the past few hours starting a file from scratch and using the "vanilla" Quicken categories and features to make sure I am not causing the bugginess.

    Unfortunately, the problem is persisting. In fact, I have attached a gif of it in action with the new file (only a few accounts have been added). I encourage you to create a blank/empty/new file and try this out yourself (a second gif shows me actually creating a fresh file and duplicating this error).
  • I also completely uninstalled Quicken, restarted my machine, reinstalled (subscription version) from my account on the Quicken site, and the issue still persists WITH A NEW FILE as well.
  • Hello MathemAddicts,

    Thank you for outlining the details of the issue you're experiencing with the paycheck feature to the Community, although I apologize for any frustration incurred.

    As requested, I have split your comments from the ongoing Discussion for this topic and created a separate post with the original title. 

    Hope this helps!

    -Quicken Natalie

  • > @Quicken_Natalie said:
    > Hello MathemAddicts,
    > Thank you for outlining the details of the issue you're experiencing with the paycheck feature to the Community, although I apologize for any frustration incurred.
    > As requested, I have split your comments from the ongoing Discussion for this topic and created a separate post with the original title. 
    > Hope this helps!
    > -Quicken Natalie

    Thank you!
  • So, I installed Quicken via the my online Quicken account to two more computers to see if this issue is just my desktop... nope. All of the computers I installed Quicken onto demonstrate the same issue!
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    Hmmm...this thread is very interesting...albiet for a different reason. I as well use the Paycheck Wizard. Yesterday I posted the following:

    Good morning. I use Quicken Premier and I'm on release 23.14. For some reason I cannot get the Tax Planner to save certain settings. Specifically, it's not saving Scheduled Bills and Deposits under "Other Income or Losses." It's also not saving Scheduled Bills and Deposits under Withholding's. Our scheduled deposits have been meticulously built using the Paycheck Wizard. This problem has arisen in the past couple/few weeks and obviously we're approaching the time of year where this tool becomes more important. I'd appreciate anyone in the Community letting me know if I've started doing something wrong that I've been doing correctly for the first ten months of the year. Thank you.

    Obviously, both Income and Withholdings are driven by my monthly automatic inputs from the Paycheck Wizard entries. So, I've spent several hours yesterday and this morning resetting my Tax Planner as well as checking and re-checking every category entry possible. Well, in plain English my Tax Planner is still not working properly. So, I'll raise my hand because I'm willing to guess my issue maybe related to the Paycheck Wizard.
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    Hand fully raised! Paychecks are absolutely a problem - for us it seems to work fine until the sync to cloud and then it breaks.

    Have turned off sync and for now, have no plans to ever turn it on again. Its useless to have data access on the mobile device when the data is wrong.
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    This is the first time this has happened to me. Running 23.17.

    I went to delete two lines in my pre-tax deductions as I am fully funded for my annual 401(k) contribution. Quicken also deleted my HSA deduction. Tried to add a Post tax charitable deduction and it changed the pre-tax HSA deduction to the same post tax description and amount as the new post tax charitable deduction I had just added.

    To make it more interesting I split my deposit into two different accounts and the secondary deposit account changed to the same description and amount as the post tax deduction (not even a transfer).

    I REFUSE to validate my file, which is supports answer for EVERYTHING. I had an issue a few months ago that when I validated the file it just made things worse. Took weeks to fix the mess that was created. I have been using this program since 1995 and it just keeps getting worse. Maybe stop adding features and just make sure the basics work.
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    This has been happening to me for the past few months. I am experiencing the same behavior as the original poster. I use a scheduled paycheck, and when entering the transaction, I need to edit the deductions. If I delete a line, it deletes 2-3 lines and I have to re-enter them. Sometimes when I re-enter a line, it duplicates it in two places, one in pre-tax deductions and one in after-tax deductions. It got so bad once, that I just cancelled and entered a new one from scratch. I am on version R23.17 build
  • Same problem here, only in the Enter-paycheck form, though. Deleting a line there screws up all of the totals. I've resorted to entering the form as is, and then editing then split transaction from the register. Strangely, deleting entries in that paycheck form does not exhibit the problem.
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