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Quicken Windows and Mac Cloud Accounts - need to remove Windows account

Referencing https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7853379/cloud-accounts-from-quicken-for-windows-not-showing-up-in-quicken-for-mac

Well, I did it again. I'm a Quicken Mac user, but I started messing around with the Windows version. I created a Windows file under my existing Quicken ID, and it's showing up under my list of cloud sync accounts on Quicken Mobile and Web. But I no longer want to use the Windows version any more. So I want to delete the cloud sync account "Windows Test" but I can only delete that one if I set up a second file. Problem is that I don't want ANY windows cloud sync accounts under my quicken ID.

Last time you were able to delete this on your end because there is no way to remove it on my end. @Quicken Sarah helped me with this last time. Please delete the "Windows Test" cloud sync on my account. Sorry about this.

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