Online bills have disappeared

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I recently reinstalled Quicken 2017 Deluxe after having problems with One Step Update that necessitated uninstalling Quicken, running QCleanUI and reinstalling Quicken. The problems with One Step Update were solved by the uninstall/reinstall procedure.

However, after the reinstall, all my bills in Online Bills have disappeared. Online bills worked fine before the uninstall/reinstall.

When I try to add a bill from Online Bills, Add New Bill, I get a message that no result is found. If I go to my Bill Reminders screen, the billers are still there, but if I click Link it now, I get the same error message that no results are found.

I would appreciate any help in solving this problem.

Thank you.

UPDATE: I was able to try to add a biller from the Link it now function in Billing Reminders, but when I put in my user ID and password for a biller, I get a message that the biller is already added and that I have already added a biller that matches the biller I am trying to add. However, the Online Bills are still missing.


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    I've had similar issue --- the Online Bills disappeared, then somehow I got them back and after about 1-2 weeks, they disappeared again.  I've given up on that feature, I also have Quicken 2017.  Maybe it will work again for Quicken subscription when my 2017 sunsets next spring.
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    I would suggest restoring a backup from an earlier date.
    Quicken 2017 H&B - Windows 10
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