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Great Western Bank ebanking One Step Update Issue

One Step Update with Great Western ebanking bank accounts is interrupted by requests for entry of a passcode every day the first time One Step Update is run . No Quicken error code is returned when this happens. This problem began about two to three weeks ago. Great Western insists that this is a problem caused by Quicken over which they have no control. My own troubleshooting and calls to Quicken support have not resolved the issue. Keith Walker posted a question one week ago with a similar problem, but in his case, a Quicken error code was returned. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Additional information:
1. We have multiple bank and credit card accounts to update on a daily basis with multiple institutions in addition to Great Western. None of those other accounts have experienced this issue.
2. When we log on to the bank's website directly, there is no request for a passcode. It makes no difference if we log in to the website either before or after attempting to run One Step Update.
3. All of this activity is occurring on one computer. Cookies are not deleted.
4. Once the passcode has been obtained from the bank and entered, One Step Update does perform as expected. Subsequent One Step Updates commands on the same day do not trigger the passcode requirement. Of course, each day we must repeat this process.
5. Intermittently, the bank does NOT respond to the request for a passcode during the One Step Update. This compounds the problem. There seems to be no way to tell if this is a bank issue or a Quicken issue.
6. Attempted solutions we have tried include: deactivating and reactivating the affected accounts; resetting the accounts; Financial Institution Branding and Profile refreshing of the bank.
7. Because there are three separate sets of login credentials for the accounts at this bank, the problem occurs in triplicate!

We would be grateful for any response to this posting, even if it is just to say you have the same problem.

Thank you.

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