Register Entry: Pull-down arrows to see options for "Payee" and "Category" are not working for me

The little pull-down arrows provided to click on so as to see the list of available options that appear when I point & click are not working for me now on two different Windows 7 Pro machines. This is a real basic screen navigation transaction going back to DOS 6+ and Windows 98 days. When I point & click, the data transaction is recognized because the whole double-line data entry [I always use 2 line data entries] acquires a light blue background and the specific data field does reverse-video of white characters on darker blue field. But when I point & click again on the pull down arrow nothing happens - it is like it is completely numb. Don't know if this is from a recent Quicken up-grade to Rev 23_14 or maybe a Microsoft Windows 7 upgrade or ??

What is going on with this and how can I restore the original functionality which is very useful to me to select among the many sub-categories that I have set up to categorize & track my expenditure transactions ??


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