How can I stop - online payments need sending - alerts?

Joe Hopwood
Joe Hopwood Member ✭✭
After last update,, when I close Quicken I am alerted that there are online payments to send. There are no online payments to send and even if I tell it to send them, it still alerts me each and every time I try to close Quicken.


  • Quicken_Natalie
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    Hello Joe,
    Thank you for taking the time to bring this issue to the attention of the Community, although I apologize for any frustration.
    Do you currently use your financial institution's Bill Pay service through Quicken with Direct Connect, or have you in the past? If so, what is the name of the financial institution? 
    I suggest first taking a look at your Bill & Income Reminders to see if any online payments are listed there that may be causing the issue. If you identify any culprits, you can delete them by following the steps found here
    If none are found, or if you continue to receive the notice that there are Online Payments to send when closing Quicken, please take a look at the steps outlined here, and let us know if they help in resolving this matter.
    Thank you,
    Quicken Natalie

  • Joe Hopwood
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    I do currently use BBVA Compass's Bill Pay service through Quicken with Direct Connect.

    I did use Quicken Bill Pay until they sent a check to a many years old address instead of the one I entered and they told me I must pay any stop payment fees. They made the mistake and should have paid so I quit them. I changed to BBVA and all was working fine until that Quicken update.

    Apparently your email was sent from a no-reply mailbox as my reply to your email failed.

    Also, I have done all I know to do to clear it including a super validate.

    One more thing, the "here" in your email was not a url link as the one on this web site is.
  • Quicken_Natalie
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    Hello Joe,

    Thank you for posting back with those additional details!

    To clarify, the email received when another User comments on your post is a notification only and is not designed for replies.

    The discussion takes place here on the Community site. The email notification should have provided two links that would lead you back here, where you can post a response.

    Is this similar to what is displayed on your email notification(s)? If so, do both links bring you back to this Discussion via a web browser?

    If you're experiencing behavior other than what I've described here, please let us know so we can further investigate. You can find more details here.

    First, I suggest taking a look here to determine if it's the same or similar issue to what you're experiencing. You're not the only User reporting difficulties with Direct Connect Bill Pay through BBVA in Quicken, so it may be something from their end that's causing this.

    You may consider reaching out to Support directly, as an Agent can screen share with you and then work with you to identify what's causing the notice to appear.

    You may also consider contacting BBVA directly, as they should be able to troubleshoot this with you as well.

    Finally, I wanted to share this information from BBVA's website, as referenced in the other BBVA Discussion mentioned above, as it may be helpful with what you're experiencing.

    Hope this helps!

    -Quicken Natalie 

  • Joe Hopwood
    Joe Hopwood Member ✭✭
    Hi Natalie,

    If one is not supposed to reply directly, I would think that message should be removed from the emails sent. It very clearly states: Reply to this email directly or follow the link below to check it out:

    I think it would be really great if you guys could have an agreement with banks to be able to have both Quicken and Bank support on a call with customer. Too many times Quicken says it is a BBVA issue and then BBVA says it is a Quicken issue.

    I mostly only have issues after either Quicken or BBVA does a system upgrade. Occasionally there is a work around but many times it is not fixed until the next upgrade. I guess neither Quicken or BBVA does any regression testing of the interface.

    I will try the above suggestions. At least this issue is only causing one extra click of the mouse.
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