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Deleted and tried to re-add savings acct (error can't connect) but checking acct is updating (Q Mac)

vp1214vp1214 Member
I'm using Mac Deluxe 2020 5.13.3. After the most recent update, both my savings and checking accounts stopped connecting and updating. After trying to troubleshoot the issue on the web, I decided to delete and re-add my savings account (please be nice, I'm not the most computer-savvy person). When I try to connect to my bank to re-add the savings account, there are two issues and I'm not sure if either or both are the cause of my problem. When I try to re-add, it says that the bank site is down. It isn't. It also says that my log-in can't have special characters, but my bank requires them.

The thing is that over the course of a couple of days, my checking account suddenly started to magically update again, so apparently if I'd just been patient I might not be having this problem now. But what I can't figure out is that my checking and savings accounts are at the same bank. The checking is now updating just fine using my login info that DOES have special characters. But I just can't get the savings account added bank on. My bank's web site has been up and running fine, and I've tried repeatedly with no success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know if any more info is needed. My bank is UW Credit Union, and I do have Direct Connect activated. Thank you.

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