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I just purchased a Quicken MAC subscription but cannot download any information from my MSWM accounts. I have tried everything, but Quicken cannot connect to the bank.

One thing I did notice is that the link to the bank is incorrect. It should be

Can this be added? Any other suggestions?



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    I use Morgan Stanley Client Serve with the current QMac. That web link address is more for humans to ensure they have the right financial institution as sometimes the list has many similar entries. This is Direct Connect, and Quicken will be contacting MS servers directly (and not the client serve website.) 
    What error do you get when you try to connect?
    Also, when I first started back in 2006, I had to call to enable Quicken support. I thought it was a setting on the website, but I don't see an option on the newer Client Serve portal. You might have to call to make verify that they have access enabled for your accounts. 
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    John, thanks for your response. I contacted Quicken support and verified that MSWM is not supported via Direct Connect. It works fine on the Windows version but not the MAC.

    My error is simple - "the institution cannot find your account" or something similar.
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    While some financial institutions only support one platform (usually Win and not Mac), I would double check what you were told with Morgan Stanley. If it weren't supported, you wouldn't even see it in the available bank list-and I still see it listed. 

    Now, your particular account type might not be offered for download capabilities, but MS would confirm this. I am getting downloads with a Roth and Active Assets account.

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