Why No Undo Function?

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I was trying to remove something from the comments field that had inappropriately copied over from an earlier transaction. When I highlighted the item and clicked 'CUT' both that transaction and the next one disappeared from the register. Then I couldn't find an 'UNDO' button, which is standard on almost all text editors but yours.

I tried updating Quicken but it kept ignoring both transactions, one of which was an interest payment received and the other an electronic payment sent yesterday. I had to get a statement from my bank and manually enter the information Quicken had suppressed in order to make the register agree with the bank. This was a very annoying waste of a half-hour!


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    FWIW, Quicken is not a "text editor". You're working on a live database. You could have restored your last backup. Most SU's recommend making a backup every time you exit Quicken.
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