QBP has suspended my account and I can't reinstate it

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QBP tried to take $15 from an account that I had closed so they required me to send them a paper check. I sent it a month ago, almost, but last I could check it was still down so my required payments were not made. I am in India for the next month, they don't respond to my emails from Quicken Windows, I can't sign in because my cell phone is not available here and they don't have an option for email verification. My cell carrier won't allow a call to US, plus it is expensive.
QBP has treated me like [removed] throughout this transaction. This is the second time that they have not reinstated my account.
I am hoping that this is monitored by QBP, because I have no other way to reach them.


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    AFAIK, QBP does not monitor this community.

    To contact Quicken Bill Pay using the Quicken Bill Pay website:

    1. Log in to the Quicken Bill Pay website with your user ID and password.
    2. Click the Messages tab.
    3. Click send a new message.
    4. Complete the email form and click Send Message when you are done.
    Also, does your cell phone support WiFi calling?
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