Prior balance bug still not fixed

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This is still a bug. I am using the 2017 version after rebuilding a brand new file a few months ago. It was fine for a while, but just today I went to reconcile my bank account, and the opening balance is $60.73 off. I would never, ever, in a million years, accidentally delete or modify a reconciled transaction, because Quicken's "yes/no" confirmation dialogue makes this impossible (even if I WERE to find myself fooling around with old reconciled transactions, which I *don't*). I do not accidentally input transactions and immediately change them to "R".

Quicken makes it pretty much impossible to inadvertently modify/delete a reconciled transaction, accidentally make a non-reconciled transaction reconciled, or accidentally input a new transaction that is immediately turned into an "R" transaction. And yet, over and over again, even after admitting this was a bug in the software on the phone with me (twice), I still continue to see people being told that USER ERROR (and/or defective hard drives which would seem to affect a disproportionate percentage of Quicken users) is always automatically the cause of this issue.

I am begging Quicken to get 2 or 3 of its coders to agree to commit to 1-2 full years of going "full manual" so they can see this problem for themselves. That is, do not download any data from banks. Just install Quicken cleanly, input every transaction manually, and reconcile every bank/credit card statement using CTRL-R. You will see for yourself that after a while, your prior balances will change arbitrarily, and you will know at the core of your being that there is no way you were the cause of this "adjustment."


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    Have you checked all of your Memorized Payees to see that they do not have the "R" set, because if they do, they would create a new transaction with an "R".
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    See also this post from the OP on the same basic topic with further discussion:
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    > @splasher said:
    > Have you checked all of your Memorized Payees to see that they do not have the "R" set, because if they do, they would create a new transaction with an "R".

    I checked, and I don't believe it's even possible for an "R" to be set. Perhaps you're using a different version of Quicken that allows this. I've attached a screenshot of what I see when I bring up the memorized payees (just included the first payee). There isn't even a column for what you describe. Additionally, I clicked on options and enabled a couple additional columns that are hidden by default ("Lock" and "Show on Calendar"). The "Never Autocategorize" column refers to category, not to clearing/reconciling.
  • I had the same problem in Quicken 2020 (version R23.17 build I discovered an error that contributed to an incorrect prior balance. I had an error of several thousand dollars, and the issues seems to relate to how reconciled transactions can change. In my case, the automated paycheck entry could recalculate after reconciliation. One issue was that the paycheck seemed to forget its total; that is, the check had all of the correct information within, but it yielded a total in the hundreds of dollars vs. thousands of dollars. I deleted a zero-sum tax, and this somehow forced the check to recalculate and reach a correct value. The second issue fell out of the first. I tried this method on another paycheck to see if further errors existed. When I deleted a Disability (SDI) zero-sum entry, the paycheck deleted an amount from a separate entry for my dental insurance (I immediately canceled my effort to maintain integrity, but the deletion of my dental insurance amount should not have occurred). These two issues seemed to change values of my paychecks after they had been reconciled, hence the change to the prior balance. Other issues with a wonky prior balance likely exist, but these two are worth exploring.
  • I had a recurrence today of the Paycheck issue I mentioned previously. When I deleted an after tax deduction, the deduction I made showed up in not only the after tax deductions, but it also changed the second value in my pre-tax deductions. I can see where this would not only affect the immediate transaction, but if the error propagates, it could also impact reconciled transactions.
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