Suggestions: 1) trash bin, 2) autosave reconciliation reports, 3) actions log

There are some suggestions I gave to Quicken which I think were probably overlooked since it was buried deep in one of my previous threads. I cannot overstate how helpful these suggestions would be. I will simply quote my own paragraph containing the suggestions and add (numbers) to indicate each one.

"Let's also suppose hypothetically that all these users who are experiencing this issue were all guilty of accidentally deleting reconciled transactions or something. It seems to me the Quicken software should be ready for this: (1) have a "trash bin" or something from which accidentally-deleted transactions can be recovered (and from which Quicken support staff can obtain proof in support calls that the reconciliation problem is on the customer's end). (2) And why aren't reconciliation reports automatically generated and stored as part of the Quicken data file (accessible directly through Quicken)? They would take up negligible space on the hard drive and would, again, provide a way to obtain proof that the customer messed up (or proof that Quicken has a bug). (3) Why not keep a log file of actions performed? Any of these three things would allow Quicken support to be far more effective and would empower both customer and Quicken support people."

To elaborate on #2: the reconciliation report shouldn't be dynamic database data, it should just be a simple CSV file stored in a subfolder, outside of Quicken's corruptive reach. That way, if a problem occurs with Quicken data from one reconciliation to another, the text file won't be subject to the same problem - it will still show exactly what the last reconciliation statement showed.
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