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What's Happening in the Quicken Community - December '19 Edition

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It's had to believe that we're already coming to the end of another year and we hope that everyone is staying warm and cozy as we head further into the Holidays and Winter season.

Over the last month our teams have been highly focused on scheduled transactions (reminders) and working to resolve the long-standing reported issues around duplicated, skipped or reappearing reminders. 

We are pleased to confirm that with the R23.17 release of Quicken for Windows 2020 (subscription), these various issues have been resolved.

In the Community, the Moderators have been working on streamlining the Idea threads and have created new sub-categories to help define the various product Ideas into more easily found sections.

We invite you to explore these new sub-categories and check out the current requests for new features/functionality in Quicken.  Be sure to add your Vote for Ideas that you would like to see implemented!

Quicken for Windows Ideas

Quicken for Mac Ideas
Quicken Mobile Ideas
Quicken on the Web Ideas

Key Releases & Highlights for Quicken for Mac


  • Fixed: Fixed a crash that would occur for a small group of people when clicking on loans.
  • Fixed:  Fixed more crashes that could occur on macOS 10.11 El Capitan or 10.12 Sierra. One of these crashes occurred when viewing the investment security history list.

If you're on macOS 10.11 or 10.12, we encourage you to upgrade to a newer version of macOS for better performance, stability, and security.

Key Releases & Highlights for Quicken for Windows

QWIN 2020 R23.17

  • Fixed: An issue in which yearly reminders for bills were incorrect after syncing to the cloud. 
  • Fixed: An issue that occurred when cloud services were unavailable due to heavy traffic. We improved the error messaging and handling.

Key Releases & Highlights from the Quicken Mobile App 5.17.0 Release

  • New: Added the ability to mark transactions as reviewed.
  • Fixed: An issue in which Users were unable to edit the check number when editing a transaction.
  • Fixed: An issue which caused the “Recent Transactions” card to not display the correct transactions.
  • Fixed: Resolved multiple issues with c rashes and the user interface.

Key Releases & Highlights from the Quicken on the Web 1.4.5 Release

  • Fixed: An issue in which the reconcile opening balance is incorrect.
  • Fixed: An issue in which reconciling accounts created an erroneous balance adjustment.
  • Fixed: An issue with scheduled transaction settings showing overdue occurrences or the incorrect next recurring instance.

Community Stats for the Month of November ‘19

1,553 New Discussions created with 6,173 comments posted by 1,838 Contributors
1,111 New Questions created with 1,135 answers posted and 813 Accepted Answers

Community Leaderboards for November ‘19

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